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Kigo changed our daily life and business approach!  The software enable us to synchronise calendars with our other business partners what saves us a lot of energy and time. The statistics and other parameter options helps us to increase our business opportunities and define a better and accurate marketing strategy. 

Sébastien Harlé d’Ophove, RentinParis

Kigo is one of the best sites to develop a travel agency. We offer temporary rent apartments in Buenos Aires and they really help us out with the organization. With Kigo, you can book the apartment through the website without a problem, organize your agenda and plenty more options. We recommend Kigo to every person who wants to start a business like us. 

Joaquin Tonnelier,

Kigo system is perfect to manage bookings from several websites and also to prepare the check in and check out process. It is more than a website or a channel manager, it is what I needed to grow up faster and properly. Customer service and support is also very efficient, always have someone to assist me in my requests. I strongly recommend this system, software and company.

Alain Sirgue, LinkBCN

The Kigo reservation system is user-friendly and efficient, simplifying the booking process. Kigo is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to make the entire process seamless.  Kigo offers a high level of customer service and it has been a pleasure to be involved with Kigo from the outset.

Sarah Pank, Apartments Actually

We tried several rental software some of them for a good period of time. They all promise but fail to deliver, Kigo was the new boy in town but they managed to deliver. The software just works, I no longer need to verify it like I did with previous software everything they have live WORKS. Congrats Kigo and keep up the good work!

Dragos Moscu,

Kigo is worth a million times its weight in gold! We could never ever operate without it.

Tamara Brisk, Paris Deluxe Rentals

I would definitely recommend Kigo to any agency / manager of properties / appartments. no questions about it. 
I can’t wait to have more traffic, knowing that Kigo will help me grow!! 

Benjamin Moureau, The Bali Agent

I am a real fan of the Kigo solution, low cost, high speed, and easy to work with in the cloud. Their development system speed is fantastic so even if there are small gaps in the whole system they quickly fill them with great ideas. By the way since three years there was no system down time a have noticed – so, assume they are real professionals.

Stephan la Barré, Berlinlofts UG

The platform is very user friendly and the templates for the webpages are really great looking. Technical support answers really fast and you are able to contact via Skype as well and that makes it so much easier. The Kigo platform has given us a lead among the other rental agencies in our country and we are extremely happy with the results.

Emanuele Natella, Volalto Group

Kigo vacation rental software client testimonial
Meeting guest expectations is our top priority as a vacation rental owner and Kigo has helped us achieve that. The best part about it is the Channel Management system which helps us reach quite a lot of partners with just few clicks. We found it pretty user friendly and didn’t face any major glitches. We are glad to be working with Kigo. 

Maxime Leufroy-Murat, FG Property Management

We have been using Kigo for our holiday rental business for almost a year now. It’s been great to have everything automated, from the moment the guest makes a reservation all the way up to arrival. We use email templates a lot to remind guests to pay, give them arrival instructions, and a follow up after their visit. Also being able to automatically update a huge range of calendars, like Housetrip, has made things so much easier and less time consuming. 

Frederika de Courcy Arora, Edinburgh at Home Limited

I highly recommend this software as well as this company as it makes my life as an owner and working realtor much much easier. In fact without Kigo I may not have gone into this business as deeply and for the length of time that I have successfully. I consider Kigo a true partner and never once felt it to be just a program.

Cindy, NC Bungalow Rentals

As one of the top worldwide portals, we have enjoyed very much our partnership since 7 months. We have enjoyed our mutual cooperation, and found it beneficial to us since it has brought many of Kigo’s clients who wanted to be distributed through our portal. 
We are fully integrated with Kigo so their clients can get all of their data, including calendars and rates, automatically synchronized, avoiding a lot of duplicate work. 

Michel Jannet,

KIGO have grown considerably giving their users more exposure to other portals and agents. A great platform for the ease of calendar linking. Recently I have noticed an increase in customer service within the company, offering users more advice and help with the applications. Overall I would highly recommend them.

Katie Frizell, GKLets Ltd

I have been using Kigo since April 2013 and I am thoroughly impressed. I have witnessed Kigo develop, improve and grow at an astonishing rate. I have no doubt that Kigo is revolutionising the online reservation management system and I am pleased to have chosen to invest in a company that is at the forefront of our industry. I urge you to take a closer look at Kigo’s proposition – it will be the best decision you make. 

Bobby Shafii, London Rentals Collection

This calendar system offers real time booking which facilitates the booking system of apartments. It also alerts you with an email when a new booking occurs. I love that it can link with partner agents to offer your rentals and increase your profitability! 

Christopher Miller, Trips Europe

KIGO has transformed our business. Without doubt, it has changed the whole manner in which we operate, for the better, making the whole work flow process much more efficient. It just works! Which is exactly what any piece of software should do – Without getting in the way of the admin, the KIGO software just takes care of it and it looks great too, making the whole process much more pleasurable. 

Sally Dyer,

descarga (1)
We all now have used your program for a while and it has brought a new era to our company. Thank you!!!

Eva Leandre, Studios de Paris

Kigo’s an amazing product. It’s changed the way we run our operations, bookings, payments and marketing. 
We highly recommend it. 

Eirwen B., Paris Deluxe Rentals

We just discovered Kigo and we are really impressed with all the service and support we’ve been able to get from it. It is a really useful tool for managing rental vacations. Our company has moved forward since the first day after using it.

Ferran Balsells, BBarcelona Apartments

We use Kigo since early 2013, both the management system and website. We are very happy and satisfied with Kigo as daily tasks are much easier. It is 100 % geared for vacation rental. Software is relatively young but improves fast, listening to customer needs and implementing solutions that best fit the way to work with most of them. 

Damián Carceller, Feel at Home Barcelona

I have been using KIGO to grow my business since 2010 and it has absolutely changed the way that I do business. Guests can visit the site, enter dates, see available apartments, see exact pricing, and book instantly online. All of this happens while I sleep and the ramifications on my business growth have been incredible. 

Ryan Miller, CobbleStone Paris Rentals

I consider Kigo is a very useful tool, user-friendly and efficient, simplifying the booking process. Kigo has grown considerably giving their users more exposure to other portals and agents. A great platform for the ease of calendar linking. Guests can visit the site, enter dates, see available apartments, see exact pricing, and book instantly online.  Overall I would highly recommend this software.

Andreea Curucu, The Framerys


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