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Kigo Revenue Management is an engine that maximizes the revenue from every available night in your property.

It takes the principles of hotel revenue management and uses powerful analytical software to create a system that is tailored specifically for vacation rentals. The result is a powerful, yet easy to use engine that will set the optimum rate to ensure maximum occupancy and drastically increase your overall revenue.

Whilst hotels and airlines have been using revenue management systems for years, this is the first system designed for the vacation rental industry. It integrates fully with your website and your channel partners. You simply set your pricing rules and then let the system do the work. It calculates demand, seasons, and average booking frequencies to produce an optimum price that will see empty days booked up and times of high demand bring in more revenue than you thought possible.

Increase Rates and Occupancy


The system analyses the demand set by your local market forces and alters your prices within parameters that you set. This means that not only do rates increase, occupancy increases too as Kigo Revenue Management automatically adapts to real time changes in market demand. This ensures that you always achieve the highest possible price for your properties.

What are the key benefits of Kigo Revenue Management?


It removes the need for manual analysis of rates, market research and time consuming changing of rates. Kigo Revenue Management is a sophisticated, automated tool that takes the time and guesswork out setting the optimum rates for your properties. It sets the most appropriate prices and updates them across your properties, websites and portals.

In the Kigo Revenue Management App Store you can also find 3rd party services that work with Kigo Revenue Management, giving you options for how you use the service for your business.

Finally, Kigo has over eight years of experience in the vacation rental industry. We’re backed by RealPage, Inc., the leader in property management software and have over 120 people focused on the VR industry, with even more being added this year. We have used this expertise to create the most effective system for any vacation rental manager hoping to increase their revenue.

  • Optimize revenue and occupancy
  • Automatic and real time updates
  • Set it and forget it!

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