InstaManager – Kigo Migration

Billing Changes (FAQ’s)

Unlike InstaManager, Kigo (i) invoices for each month at the first of the month, and (ii) charges transactional fees during the month in which the reservation is made instead of the month of checkout.

Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you better understand the effects of this change.

  • What amounts will be on my September 30th bill? You will receive a final InstaManager invoice containing your September subscription fee and the transactional fees for all future reservations that have been processed to date through InstaManager.
  • What amounts will be on my October 1st bill? You will receive an initial Kigo invoice containing your October Kigo subscription fees (This subscription fee will remain the same as it was with InstaManager, it will just be billed on the first of the month).
  • When will I be able to use the features of Kigo? You will have access to the new and exciting features of Kigo on September 15th by visiting this URL: Your login and data remains the same.
  • How will my final bill in InstaManager be calculated? Your subscription fee will remain the same. Your transactional fees will be determined by applying your transactional rate to all future reservations processed through InstaManager as of the date of your final InstaManager invoice.
  • Why are we moving from InstaManager to Kigo? Since we purchased Kigo over a year ago, our development team has been working diligently to combine the best of Kigo and InstaManager into one world class product— the new Kigo – while continuing to support and update both platforms. We have reached the point, with Kigo, where it is in everyone’s best interest for our development team to consolidate its focus to supporting one product so that we can more efficiently innovate and create valuable new features. And it is very important that we do not leave any customers behind on an unsupported product, so we must migrate all InstaManager customers to Kigo.
  • Who do I contact with any further questions I have? Please contact Carmela in our Client Success Dept., at or 972-820-4999.

Key Benefits & Changes

Kigo is designed to be user friendly and easier to navigate. With an improved interface, no matter where you are in the App you will always know what menu and submenu you are using. Additionally, your transition will be eased by the fact that much of the Kigo terminology remains the same as InstaManager.

Channel Manager

Expand your marketing reach through the Kigo advertising network and the portal connections. Sync calendars and property info with other portals and agencies.

Channel Managers in Kigo are not limited to Flipkey® and Homeaway®. Kigo has more than 15 portals to choose from, and the list continues to grow.

Kigo clients on Plan 1 have the option to select from the Preferred Channels®, Flipkey®, and Homeaway® only. Kigo clients on plan Plan 2 and above have access to all Channels.

Improved Professional Services Team for Web design services

Our Professional Services team has undergone a complete overhaul. When you select one of our two design packages, you are assigned a Project Manager that will provide one-on-one assistance to customize any of our beautiful templates. For more information, click here:

Robust On Demand Learning Tutorials

Thanks to RealPage, we now have professional and informative tutorials for Kigo. Your Kigo Client Success Manager can sign you up for access to the tutorials. There are a total of 9 videos intended to help you and your staff learn the Kigo system and WordPress®.

Kigo knowledgebase (Help) articles accessible from all screens

When you access help documents in Kigo, you can now view the documents specifically related to the section of the app where you’re located. In addition, you can simultaneously access a new webpage, allowing you to continue working in KIGO while searching other related articles.

Value Added Services

Kigo eSignature is a Value Added Service that integrates into core Kigo document template functionality allowing Property Managers to send their clients documents for safe and secure electronic signature. Kigo eSignature alleviates the time-consuming back and forth of collecting signatures, while also providing a secure repository for signed documents. For more information, click here:

Kigo Revenue Manager is a rate engine that modifies rates to optimize occupancy and increase revenue based on changing market conditions. Kigo Revenue Manager controls the rates that are displayed at the property in Kigo, on Kigo websites, as well as the rates provided to third-party managers. For more information, click here:

Questions? call us, we are here to help you:

  • USA: 1-855-977-0843
  • Europe: +34 946 542572

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