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So much of a website’s appeal comes from the first impression. Design, line, and the colours all blend to make an instant statement about your business. If this is wrong, the chance of your customers looking further into your site are suddenly very low. Not matching your design to your brand and business will make your customers instantly question the authenticity and professionalism of your business. In this age of mass web awareness, the slightest flaw that makes your site look ‘off’ will turn your potential customers away. Kigo templates are built professionally and with a wealth of experience in the vacation rental industry behind each one of our designs.

Beautifully Designed Templates
With Kigo websites, we cater for every level of expertise to bring their designs to fruition. As well as our custom designed sites, our team will work with you to modify our range of templates to suit the exact style and message your business is trying to promote. It’s a common rule for web designers that you have 5 seconds – at the most – to capture visitors’ attention before they click the ‘back’ button. Your site needs to have an instant impact as well as presenting your company’s message right away.

Messaging and call to actions are a key part of this. You sight needs to demonstrate a clear path between searching, content and eventual booking. It should help and guide visitors through the process, giving them the options to control and navigate their booking. Kigo’s themes are built to encourage bookings in this way.

High Quality Images And Content
As well as being user-friendly, a good website needs to be clear and consistent in its design and theme. Vacation rental websites need to capture the excitement and anticipation of holidays so should use bright, high-resolution images. From there the colours, images and branding of the template can be altered to match your overall branding. Bright yellows and oranges for summer beach properties, dark blacks and purples will suggest luxury city properties. Choosing the right theme gives you the perfect base for your business type, and then our team will work with you to modify the remaining details to make your template into the perfect fit for your business.

Our template websites are now free of charge when you sign up to the Kigo system and your website can be live in as little as three days, meaning this is the quickest way to get your business started as it gives you everything you need to establish a professional and effective web presence. Designed to work with all the latest browsers and mobile and tablet responsive, it will make sure that every customer has the same experience when visiting your site, giving you an easy competitive edge to those building their vacation rental websites themselves.

Creating powerful websites as well as a sophisticated design can be a daunting task for busy property managers. Kigo’s design and themes allow to skip the learning curve and still have a website that fits their current brand and vision.

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