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Latin America’s #1 Travel Agency Partners with Kigo in Anticipation of Boom in Online Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rental Industry Updates
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Adding Kigo’s 60,000 Listings, ( in Brazil) Moves to Extend Its Reach in North America and Europe The numbers are impressive: a population of 613 million; a million second homes available for vacation rentals; and an online booking rate that’s still only 25%, virtually guaranteeing prodigious growth. If you want to know where technology […]

Holiday Rental Update: Vacation Rental Website News

Vacation Rental Industry Updates
Vacation Rental Website News

As a vacation rental manager, you may find it hard to keep up with the ever-changing world of channel partners. Kigo’s channel management solution enables vacation rental property managers to easily coordinate with multiple channel partners, even in the face of constant change and consolidation within the vacation rental industry. The news is in: The […]

New Report – Vacation Rental Management Trends Through 2019

Vacation Rental Industry Updates
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What does it take to remain competitive in the vacation rental industry? Business News Daily’s “Tips to Keep Small Business Owners Competitive” offers insight from a study of 750 business owners that sheds light on ways to stay competitive in any industry. Here are a few: Be prepared for changes within your industry. Adopt new […]

Book Your Share of the Rising Vacation Rental Industry

Vacation Rental Industry Updates
Kigo Helps Drive Vacation Rental Property Reviews

The outlook is sunny for the vacation property industry in 2016. According to TripAdvisor’s Annual TripBarometer Study, one-third of respondents are planning to spend more on vacations than they did last year. Here are some interesting statistics from the study: Globally, Baby Boomers plan to spend an average of $8,700 on travel this year. Millennials […]

What Do Guests Expect from a Great Vacation Rental?

Vacation Rental Industry Updates
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And what makes an average one? Anyone that has been working as a professional vacation rental manager will have seen major changes in a short space of time. The growth and popularity of short term rentals mean that managers have to be flexible and ready to change to keep up with the demands of their customers. […]

The Rise of the Solo Traveller

Vacation Rental Industry Updates

How the new generation of travellers are going it alone The latest trend that is making waves in the travel industry is solo travel. More and more people are deciding to pack up and set off on the spur of the moment, travelling alone. Travel is more affordable and accessible than it has ever been. […]

The Hidden Charges Guests Hate

Vacation Rental Industry Updates

Why companies are willing to lose customers for a small term gain. Trends in the travel industry are usually pioneered by the airlines and major hotel brands. They have the customer base to test and what’s more, people need  to fly and find places to stay. Their customer base is almost captive. They have the […]

Joining and Building Vacation Rental Associations

Vacation Rental Industry Updates

Sticking Together and Becoming Stronger Community is the best option for success. Lone wolf businesses can’t thrive. You need competition and consultation to hew your edge and become ever better. One of the best ways you can do this is join, or even start your own Vacation Rental association. There are national and even global […]

Japan’s Possible VR Solution For Empty Space

Vacation Rental Industry Updates

In a recent article, we discussed the Japanese government’s plan to triple the amount of foreign visitors over the next two decades. This is a change of huge proportions. So, how can you introduce 15-20 million more people into an already swollen infrastructure? You use what’s already there. In move that rides against the grain […]