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Expert Interview: e-domizil Shares Where the European Vacation Rental Industry is Headed

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A conversation with Peter Hunke of Germany’s e-domizil, a European vacation rental industry leader with over 450,000 listings and Kigo channel partner.   Peter, tell us a bit about e-domizil and your role there. We’re one of the most important vacation rental platforms in Germany and German-speaking countries. We also have a presence in Switzerland, […]

How to Make Technology Your Ally

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Technology has shifted the vacation rental industry to a new paradigm. From marketing on the web to online payments, guests can go through an entire stay without any human contact whatsoever from the owner or the owner’s representatives. While that may facilitate management, it may decrease the likelihood that a renter will return. The reason? […]

The Perfect Vacation Rental Guest Welcome Package

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As online booking has become the norm for vacation rental management, the needs and expectations of guests have changed. Guests have more stay choices than ever before, and the bar has been set high for their experience. Your ability to wow them right away will influence the number of repeat bookings and referrals you receive, and in this article […]

The Faces of Kigo: Meet Kathryn Ryan

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Park Guell

When a career and a passion come together, it’s a beautiful thing. Here are Kigo, a passion for travel is what sets our employees apart and inspires them to go above and beyond for our clients. All share this common bond, stemming from the range of diverse backgrounds they come from. We created the Faces of Kigo series to […]

Skift Report Features Kigo in the State of the Global Vacation Rental Market 2017

Vacation Rental Industry Updates
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Investors and travel consumers have given serious attention to the vacation rental market space in recent years. SaaS companies like Kigo were born due to the undercurrent of technological innovation that has taken root due to this market, and have weighed in on the current state-of-the-union in the space today via the latest Skift report. […]

SXSW to Crack Down On Short-Term Rentals

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If you own several or even a few short-term rentals, you salivate when there’s a big event in your town. Prices and demand go up dramatically and there’s a financial windfall to be had. But like any dramatic business event, there’s also a downside. For example, South by Southwest (SXSW for short) is coming up […]

6 Benefits of Kigo’s Latest Vacation Rental Training Tool

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There are two types of people: those who read the user manual and those who toss it aside. When you purchase a new tool, there’s always the option to jump in and explore it without reading instructions. The challenge? Your impatience may result in limited tool knowledge and missed opportunities. Learn the most effective ways […]

Insider Tips from 8 Ways to Improve Vacation Rental Listings

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We recently sat down with David Mau, Director of product for vacation rentals at to gain his vacation rental industry insights. In this follow up article, David shares his top tips for vacation rental listings. Here are 8 vacation rental listing tips to attract more guests and drive reservations on 1. Get your properties listed […]

The Faces of Kigo: Meet Orrin Jolley

Vacation Rental Growth Secrets

  What makes working at Kigo unique? Sincere team camaraderie and authentic travel passion are our focal points. When asked “Why do you do what you do every day?”, each team member had great anecdotes and some of the world’s best travel advice. We created the Faces of Kigo series because our brand is not just […]

Kigo and Zhubaijia Partner to Reach Asian Travel Market

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To say that China is a big market would be a gross understatement. Every international company worth its salt wants at least an opportunity to sell its products and/or services in China market. After all, many Chinese consumers have newly disposable income and China’s new upper middle class is more than happy to spend money […]