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The Faces of Kigo: Meet Daniel Hidalgo Bartolomé

Vacation Rental Management

We created the Faces of Kigo series to showcase the unique individuals at the core of our business. Meet Daniel Hidalgo Bartolomé, a software analyst based in Barcelona, Spain. When he isn’t hard at work helping Kigo clients integrate cutting-edge technology, Daniel is an avid traveller and enjoys exploring new destinations. In this article, Daniel will […]

5 Easy Ways to Simplify Vacation Rental Upkeep

Vacation Rental Management
Kigo Beach House Vacation Rental Property

Vacation rental management is no day at the beach. There is much work to be done to keep rental properties in good shape throughout prime rental season and beyond. What can be done to lessen the load? Here are five ways to simplify property upkeep and smooth the process. 1) Perform regular housekeeping duties for […]

Revenue Management: More Than Just the Right Price

Revenue Management Software
revenue management software

What does a vacation rental manager really need to keep prices competitive and revenue growing? Simply publishing seasonal rates can actually hurt your revenue. Successful vacation rental management professionals understand the importance of revenue management software. Outperforming the competition takes finesse, and simply adjusting prices won’t give your business an advantage. For long-term success, you […]

Six Vacation Rental Website Requirements

Vacation Rental Websites
vacation rental website

If feels unsafe. It takes too long. It’s frustrating. An outdated vacation rental website is the easiest way to convince a guest not to book with you. Website features that seemed groundbreaking a few years ago have quickly become standard. Is your website up-to-speed, or stuck in the last decade? How to tell if your website has been […]

The Faces of Kigo: Meet Romain Andre

Vacation Rental Growth Secrets

Not to be biased or anything…but the Kigo team is a fascinating group. They’ve lived in multiple cities, jet-setted globally and share a distinctive common bond: travel passion. This passion is what drives Kigo employees to provide an outstanding experience for every single client, and makes them the lifeblood of the business. We created the […]

Kigo Global Partner HomeAway Caters to Groups and Families Looking to Forge Fond Memories

Vacation Rental Industry Updates

Here’s how serious global vacation rental giant HomeAway is about understanding their market: last year, they cooperated with researchers at the University of Texas in Austin to find out exactly what contributes to long-lasting memories of a vacation. One of the study findings was comforting for companies like HomeAway that specialize in groups and families: […]

The Faces of Kigo: Meet Regina Lopes

Vacation Rental Growth Secrets

Here at Kigo, we love what we do. We created the Faces of Kigo series to showcase the talented employees who are the lifeblood of our business, and share why they come to work each day. In this series, we also share “do’s” and “don’ts” based not only on our employees’ professional expertise, but also […]

Four Ways Technology Improves Vacation Rental Management

Vacation Rental Software
vacation rental management

While it might seem like a life of leisure to everyone outside of the vacation rental management industry, insiders know running a vacation rental business is no day at the beach. In fact, many of us who run vacation rental businesses see less of the beach than our guests because we’re too busy managing all […]

The Faces of Kigo: Meet Moritz Overbeck

Vacation Rental Software
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Kigo is made up of diverse, talented people who share a common love for travel and a commitment to the success of our clients. We created the Faces of Kigo series to showcase the unique individuals at the core of our business. Meet Moritz Overbeck, a Kigo Account Executive based in Barcelona. An avid traveller, Moritz is […]