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A Channel Manager is one of the most powerful tools that property managers have to expand their businesses. It can help to develop a small enterprise into a fully functioning and expanding operation that runs more efficiently and more profitably than it did before. You may have heard of the term but are unsure exactly what a powerful Channel Manager can do for your property management business.


The first question to ask yourself is: What do you need your Channel Manager to do? The basic answer is that it should distribute your properties across the most recognisable portals and allow you to control and update from one, easy to use program.  With Kigo’s Channel Manager you can distribute your properties across over 35 third-party portals – This means over 35 different website demographics and repeat customers will now be able to see your business.

You will make a real saving in time on every booking by having the calendar of every single portal your property updated every time a booking is made. Imagine the time and the tedious updating that manually maintaining 35 different portals would involve.

 You can also reach unprecedented levels of potential guests by being able to distribute your properties across some of the most well know property portals available including Homeaway, Flipkey and

The first point is to make sure that your Channel Manager has connections with the main portals you use and is consistently adding new portals you can connect with. Having a Channel Manager is designed to make promotion and exposure easy and profitable by taking out the administrative work of updating every channel.

 Alter property data such as calendars, photos, and rental rates on any channel, at any time. Our Channel Manager will automatically synchronize in real time saving you hours and allowing you to keep every description and listing as up to date as possible. When your properties are full you can even suggest other partner agency’s properties, and vice-versa. A Channel manager creates a network between vacation rental websites that serves to advertise and promote properties to as many potential guests as possible.

Promote specials and last-minute offers across your largest portals to ensure that you can always promote last minute offers and promotions to get last minute bookings. Your business will be given a new level of credibility by appearing on all of the major portals, with updated images and descriptions. Your properties will also have accurate availability, saving guests the time and hassle of sending emails to find out if a property is going to be available.

A Channel Manager is the easiest way to start the expansion of your business in a way that lets you remain in control. It encourages growth and booking whilst simplifying the organisation and management even as you take on more properties and more bookings.

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