Vacation Rental Website Sample Amsterdam Book Now

Nowadays the internet is the ultimate go-to place for almost anything, including holiday rentals. Therefore a vacation rental business without a website, makes it difficult for the properties to be found at all. Since websites are most effective visually, they are an excellent vacation rental marketing platform for displaying images of properties and increasing bookings.

Vacation Rental Sample Amsterdam Book Now

To show you how a website represents your business’ brand identity, we regularly review vacation rental websites from our clients. Under the spotlight this week is Amsterdam Book Now, who offer an alternative stay with their House Boats in Amsterdam.

Vacation Rental Website Sample Design:

From the scrolling images of Amsterdam on the homepage to the patriotic colour scheme, the website design for Amsterdam Book Now is simply beautiful and professional. The layout leads the potential guest to no confusion and encourages bookings.Amsterdam Book Now have also enabled the website in 5 languages other than in English, all resembling the same strong design. This is an excellent way of globalizing their business and reaching more guests.

Reservation System:

Vacation Rental Sample Amsterdam Book Now

The reservation system is just as beautiful as the website design, each rental listing page has a simple structure that works to encourage bookings. Potential guests can define their stay by property type, check-in/out dates and guests from each of the listing pages as well as the homepage. This easy to use search availability tool speeds up the booking process and deters guests from looking elsewhere.Once a property is selected, the guest can proceed with making a payment directly to the Amsterdam Book Now website via PayPal. Using an internationally recognised payment method like PayPal will further increase booking chances.

Our Favourite Part of the Website:

The special offers page came a close second to the sightseeing page! Providing information on the property’s location is an excellent way to share local knowledge with guests and is great for SEO efforts.

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