Content Management System

Manage your vacation rental website and reservations all from one place

Seamlessly launch & manage vacation rental websites with Kigo's cloud-based web content management system software. Access and modify your website and reservation system from one centralized location.

Centralize your content management:

Let us show you how to easily manage your website CMS:

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Full Integration:

The Kigo backoffice and CMS are two different parts of the same product. All the inquiries and bookings that you receive via your website will appear instantly in your Reservations section.

vacation rental cms integration

Customize your properties

With Kigo CMS you decide how you want your properties to be displayed in your website. You can choose what information to display: Google maps, a Facebook page, your latest blog posts, and the list goes on.

vacation rental custom property pages

Landing pages

We know the importance of SEO for your business. As well as providing well optimized website templates, we also designed our CMS with SEO in mind.

  • Do you cover various destinations? Create a landing page for each destination showing only nearby apartments.
  • Do you have different types of apartments? Create a landing page for each type. For instance a studio page for couples and a spacious one for families.
  • Do you have promotional offers for a limited number of properties? You can create a promotions page and advertise these properties.
vacation rental property landing pages

Centralize your content management:

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