Vacation Rental Website Sample: Simply Perigord

A vacation rental website is an excellent marketing platform for projecting a brand image and can really affect booking calendars.

Vacation Rental Website Sample in Perigord, France

Without further ado, under the spotlight this week is Simply Perigord who specialize in holiday lettings in Perigord, France.Vacation Rental Sample Simply Perigord
Simply Perigord prides themselves on having more than 23 years of managing vacation rental properties that meet high quality standards. It is prevalent through their vacation rental website that their beautiful vacation houses, manors, chateaux and villas in Perigord reflect these standards. Let’s take a look…

Website Design:

As the user lands on the Simply Perigord homepage, they are greeted with large, beautiful images of Perigord. The leafy scenery in the images fit in perfectly with the website background and reinforces a feeling of nature. The colour scheme also emphasizes earthiness; the use of browns, greens and black run throughout the whole website and sets a theme for the Simply Perigord brand. The potential guest can tell straight away the type of vacation expected when staying at one of the Simply Perigord properties.Simply Perigord have made it very easy for the website visitor to navigate themselves around. The bar that sits neatly towards the top of the homepage includes all the necessary information to make a booking inquiry, with a useful search availability tool sitting just below. Not only does this look professional, its placement will increase booking chances.

Reservation System:

Vacation Rental Website Sample Simply PerigordThe property listing pages follow the same theme and professionalism. Each property has a small description and enables the potential guest to scroll through images in small before clicking for more details.Upon viewing more property details, the listing page includes a beautiful slideshow of images in the same formation as the homepage. Providing clear, good quality images of the property is an excellent way of capturing the holiday-goers attention before presenting a detailed property description; positioning large amounts of text above the images may deter potential guests from finding out more.Simply Perigord have taken extra care to make sure that each property listing page includes detailed information on the selected property. This will work to answer any potential questions the guest may have instead of delaying the booking process with an enquiry. Once a property is selected, the booker can define their stay by dates and number of guests and use the simply enquiry form to request their desired property.

Our Favourite Part of the Website:

Our favourite part of the Simply Perigord website is the House Info page.
As well as providing detailed property listing pages, Simply Perigord have pulled out all the stops by creating a page that answers for all of their properties. Including information on their services, property standards, etc. will work to further increase booking chances.

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