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Creating Email Marketing That Drives Bookings

Effective email marketing can be one of the most powerful tools for property managers looking to expand their business and convert more bookings. There is a world of difference between having email contact with your guests and having a powerful and considered email marketing strategy. In this post, we’re showing how managers of vacation rental businesses use Kigo to produce a compelling email marketing strategy that converts potential leads into booked guests.
Email Automation
One of the first and most formidable tools we have is email automation. This allows you to set automatic emails that respond to customer questions with accurate, real-time information about the property they are interested in. Having to wait for availability information as they search for the perfect property is a big block to booking for guests. By reducing this time to just a matter of seconds, you are encouraging guests to book right there and then. You will see an increase in your conversion rate as a direct result of providing instant information.

 You simply create templates that will be automatically populated with up to the minute information and sent in response to questions from your guests. These templates can be set to personalise to the respondent by adding simple buttons in the template builder. You need no knowledge of coding or HTML to create them. Inserting images is simple so you can also make sure all of your emails reflect your company branding and include your logo and text.

Promotional Content
As well as this, you can create marketing and promotional content that you can edit and send to your marketing subscribers. This allows you to create professional and effective campaigns without having to have experience with HTML or coding.You can even sync your emails to an external email client such as Gmail meaning you can run all of these features from a single email client and not lose pace when getting started with Kigo.

 Using Kigo, you can build strong lead profiles by parsing information automatically from the emails you receive. The Kigo system will collect information from every guest email, building them into strong customer profiles that can be used to send even more effective email marketing in future campaigns. These tools allow you send emails that your customers want to receive, as well as automating them so you do not have to lose time in collecting and send accurate information. The Kigo system allows you to deliver perfect content and accurate information to every guest in just a few clicks.

 You can read more about how to use these tools and the ways to create powerful email marketing campaigns and best practices here.

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