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Having a mobile responsive website is a must. It is practically essential now and it is only set to become more important in the future. It is no longer the reserve of major brands and sophisticated tech sites. Small and medium-sized companies are now expected to have a web presence that can be accessed from mobile devices. Customers are not only searching more on mobile, they are purchasing and booking more. If your site is not mobile optimised, your customers will move onto the next site that is.


 SEO Ranking
The rate of bookings from mobile are on the rise and there are now more searches conducted from mobile devices than desktops. The shift has happened, mobile users are now the largest online demographic. And this is extremely prevalent in the travel industry. Just over half of all travelers (54 percent) and nearly two-thirds of travel managers (65 percent) consider the ability to book by mobile while on the go “important” or “critical”.

As well as promoting them in the rankings, Google is even marking websites as responsive in search results. Searchers will be able to see before clicking if your site is going to display correctly on their tablet or phone. It is hard to imagine users clicking sites that they know are going to have formatting issues when viewed on a mobile phone. And by far the biggest reason to become mobile responsive is that from April 21st Google stopped displaying non-responsive sites in mobile searches.

So, if you were managing to get bookings from an unoptimized site, these days are gone. If your site is not responsive and optimised you will see a real reduction in your revenue as guests move to handheld devices to complete the majority of their bookings. What will put off guests are small and fiddly links, pages that require side scrolling or zooming out to see all of the information.

Every Device
And when we talk about being mobile responsive, we are also talking about being optimised for tablets too. Your site will need to fit the shape and size of various devices in order to be competitive. Avoid flash video that won’t play or small and complicated links. Mobile responsive sites should be built with big, clear buttons and have an easy route to get to a final booking. If your design is responsive to the device it is on, it also means you won’t have to spend time designing a dedicated mobile site, or creating another SEO campaign for your mobile site. This will be part of your overall website.

All Kigo sites are responsive and optimised for mobile and tablet devices. They switch and fit multiple devices and are built to encourage bookings from them. Mobile internet is undoubtedly where we are headed, so make sure you are ready.

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