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For many businesses, your online presence is your only ‘shop front’ – this is the only place your customers use your business, there is no physical shop and no staff to greet potential buyers. Your website is your only chance to make a good impression so it needs to be right. Whilst template websites look great, we’re explaining just some of the reasons why creating your own custom website might be a better solution for your business.

Having a brand identity is an important part of building your business.A custom website gives you the chance to build an individual and beautiful site with all of the features you require, in the style you want. You do not even need any design or coding ability as we have a team that will work with you to turn your ideas into a professional and sleek finished product. Our designers work with your company to create the site you want, sending you realistic mock-ups before any coding starts. A custom website means that your brand identity will really shine through, and make your business stand out. You are in control of every element and our expert team can accommodate nearly any request! If you’re looking for some inspiration regarding creating a strong vacation rental brand, you can join our free 8-week branding course here! You’ll be sent a new post each week, every one full of tips and best practises for building your perfect brand identity.


 Optimized For Mobile and Tablet
All of Kigo’s custom websites are also mobile responsive meaning no extra work will be required to make your site look great on any device. As well as having the option to make your site more distinct and individual, your site will stay relevant for longer, and you can make small or larger updates at any time, meaning that you can always keep your site up to date with current trends and fashions in the world of  commerce. Consumers will expect your site to always be cutting edge as we deal with so many powerful shopping sites that are always aiming to make the experience easier for customers. Lagging behind these changes and appearing out of date will push your customers toward other sites, no matter how much they like your product.

Geared For Expansion
A custom website is also geared for expansion. If you intend your business to grow, a custom website will allow you to add the necessary features to cope with an influx of customers and visitors. A custom website will allow you to cope with the expansion of your business as you increase your numbers of properties and guests.

The initial cost is always going to be more than a template site and the time it takes to set up is going to be longer. However, the options for control, design and growth you have are so extensive. A well-made custom website is going be part of the reason for the growth of your business as well as a tool. If you are creating your first website or looking to make the change from a template you can speak to one of our expert team to find out even more about creating the perfect website for your business.

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