Reports and Analytics for Vacation Rental Management

All the reports and analytics you need to manage your properties, all in one place.

We know how important it is to monitor the performance and cash flow of your vacation rental properties, so we automated the process of creating easy-to-understand, yet powerful vacation rental reports.

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Owner reports

One of the most time-consuming tasks for an agency is to keep track of all the payments and find out how much they need to pay to each owner at the end of the month. Thanks to our owner reports you will never have to worry again about settling owner accounts, because Kigo will calculate for you what needs to be paid to each owner.

vacation rental owner reports

Reservations report

Kigo keeps track of all your reservations and offers you a detailed report with various built-in search filters that will allow you to quickly find any information you need.



You need data in order improve your business. Kigo offers you various reports that will provide you with useful insights into market segmentation, property performance and seasonality.

vacation rental statistics for reservation reports

Export to Excel

All the reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets so that you can import the data into other documents or share them with work colleagues and partners.

vacation rental spreadsheets

Guest Invoices

Deliver bills and receipts automatically to your guests and keep detailed records of all transactions. All records are stored and filed so you can find any document or information at a moment’s notice.

vacation rental spreadsheets

Income and Expenses tracking

Keep track of all incomings and outgoings with a clear and simple system. Compare your ingoings with your outgoings and have clear, straightforward reports made that are stored in the system for easy reference and comparison.

vacation rental spreadsheets

Detailed payments filtering

Search and filter a complete history of your payments. Get detailed information for your records, reporting and tax with just a click. Our filtering system allows you to search for data by property, date, amount and more, so you will always be able to find the information you need.

vacation rental spreadsheets

See how easy it is to create reports:

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