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Save time and provide excellent customer service by automating your email correspondences

Inquiry response times are a big factor when it comes to booking a property. To ensure you can respond to customers in a timely manner, Kigo instantly responds to inquiries using automated email templates that can be personalized.

Automate your email correspondences:

Instantly respond to inquiries with Kigo's email templates

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Email Templates

If you are looking to streamline your booking process, Kigo e-mail templates is your next step. You probably use templates already, but are they filled automatically? With Kigo you can add variables to your e-mails that are automatically replaced by the appropriate values when you decide to send them. We also provide you with a set of default templates that are commonly used, such as availability confirmation and down payment receipts.

vacation rental email templates

Automated Email Response

Automatically generated e-mails are a great enhancement, but what if Kigo could by itself send the right e-mail at the right time? With e-mail notifications you can set-up e-mail templates to be sent automatically after some event happens. For instance, you could configure a notification so that once a guest sends an inquiry from your website, a confirmation of availability is sent automatically if the property happens to be available.

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PDF Templates

Sometimes e-mail is not enough. If you need to generate documents such as contracts and invoices, Kigo allows you to generate them automatically in PDF and attach them to e-mail templates.

vacation rental pdf templates

HTML Emails

Emails are sent as HTML so you can include rich, varied content, customised how you like. Pictures, links and your company branding will all be sent in every one of your internal and customer communications.

vacation rental transaction reports

Parse incoming e-mails from your inbox

Build strong profiles of your customers by breaking down your data and storing it. You can file, log and report everything you need to create accurate and effective mailing lists.

vacation rental transaction reports

Connect to an external inbox

Use an external inbox, such as Gmail, and connect these mails to the Kigo system. Any emails received to these inboxes will be filed and stored in the Kigo system whilst you can continue to use your preferred email client to send and receive all of your emails.

Automate your inquiry responses:

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