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Integrate your holiday rentals on your website and increase your bookings with Delkom, Kigo's trusted Channel Manager Partner.

DELKOM is a cloud based vacation management platform that exclusively connects agents to a vast network of vacation properties worldwide. Join Delkom and benefit from their easy to use booking system!


Cloud Based Vacation Management Platform

  • Delkom exclusively connects agents to a vast network of vacation properties worldwide.
  • Agents can access our platform and choose from thousands of properties with our advanced, innovative & simple to use system
  • Delkom’s efficient system creates new possibilities, closes deals and even issues detailed reports for you.

Connect to Delkom through Kigo

Full connection with Kigo Channel Manager

  • Get real-time bookings and convert potential customers instantly
  • Seamlessly connect to Delkom through the Kigo’s Backend system
  • Set up a listing on Delkom easily by sending your existing property images, descriptions and rates that are stored in Kigo’s backend
  • Increase booking chances at your property with Delkom and Kigo

List with Delkom through Kigo

Benefits of using Delkom

  • Payments are done directly with the owners
  • Your property gets maximum exposure to reliable quality clientele.
  • Delkom allows you to close a deal quickly and receive payment in cash/ check once a month
  • Delkom takes care of reports, answering phone calls and dealing with renters for you

Questions? call us, we are here to help you:

  • USA: 1-855-977-0843
  • Europe: +34 946 542572

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