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One of the worlds most famous vacation rental websites, is a truly global giant of a brand, with over 287,000 properties throughout the world. Their site processes over 425,000 room nights every single day, the volumes that this portal can offer your vacation rental properties is huge. Kigo have integrated their vacation rental software into that of, meaning that you can use the Kigo channel manager to push your availability to to keep your vacation rental website and your listings constantly in-sync. Connecting your vacation rental properties to through Kigo’s channel manager simplifies your vacation rental marketing activities.

Connect to through Kigo

Channel Manager works with Extranet

  • Reach’s 30 million unique visitors every month
  • Market your vacation rental properties through and receive more bookings
  • Have your listing translated into over 40 languages
Save money on your vacation rental marketing with Kigo

Sync prices calendar and take bookings in real time

  • Use Kigo’s Channel Manager to keep your listing on constantly synced with your vacation rental website
  • Take bookings on your vacation rental website and see them instantly appear on your calendar, while bookings from appear on your site, too
  • Sync all pricing data to manage your online presence through Kigo
List with through Kigo

Manage your vacation rental marketing budget with

  • Reach thousand of new customers for only a small percentage of the value of the booking
  • Only pay when you make a booking, keep your marketing costs down with
  • Get your properties listed free of charge and only pay out when they generate bookings for your vacation rentals agency
Save money on your vacation rental marketing with Kigo

Be part of one of the biggest operations in online travel

  • List with and get your data syndicated to over 5000 affiliate sites
  • Over 5000 staff worldwide to help your properties generate bookings
  • Dedicated regional account managers will help get your properties online and generate more bookings

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