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  • Modernize Your Communications, Monitoring and Reporting

    Kigo empowers property managers to focus not only on generating more bookings, but also provides the tools to organize the expense side of your business, with our operations management solution, included with Kigo Core Plans 3 and above. This powerful feature is designed to organize operations and manpower resources, which frees your business to operate smoothly and grow. Our operations manager feature provides you with a clear and complete overview of your operations and simplifies everything from turn and maintenance scheduling to dispatch. It also allows you to monitor daily progress from a user-friendly dashboard and communicate with your onsite staff in real-time.
  • Kigo Adapts to Your Business Flow

    Kigo’s operations manager feature allows you to manage more properties without letting important, yet tedious tasks fall through the cracks. You can even assign guests across different geographies to units based on criteria you choose and over time the system will learn, adapt and automatically assign turn and operations tasks to staff based on your patterns. Stop handing off spreadsheets in the morning. Stop writing door codes down on a piece of paper that could be left in the unit and save up to 20 hours per week by automating daily operational tasks at the property level.
  • Run Your Business, Don’t Let It Run You

    The way you run your business cannot be a game of chance, it’s your ability to manage expectations and make adjustments to set things right. Track your staff performance and set up objectives so your vacation rental business is operating at the highest standards.

“I can sleep at night KNOWING that things got done” Micah Berg – Owner

“You have taken what used to take me 6 hours a day, take only 6 minutes.” Kristen Sake – RealJoy Vacations.

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