Manage Rental Listings with Kigo

Increase your bookings by integrating the properties on your website with VacAgent, Kigo's trusted Channel Manager Partner.

VacAgent is a B2B vacation rental online reservation system for travel agents, property managers, and online portals. VacAgent consolidates an extensive selection of different channel management and property management systems. In addition, we also offer directly contracted properties. Our wide portfolio consists of 250,000+ rentals worldwide.

All Property Types Accepted

  • All types of properties catered for, from budget to luxury
  • Various destination types
  • Real-time availability

Synchronize your property data

  • Populate your VacAgent listings using Kigo
  • Send property descriptions, basic pricing data, photos and calendar updates through our API
  • All your data is updated in real time via Kigo’s vacation rental software
  • Commission 15% of gross rate

Quick and Easy Onboarding

  • Onboarding estimated time: 24h-48h
  • Onboarding Process is done by Registering on site + verification

Domande? Chiamaci siamo qui per aiutarti::

  • USA: 1-855-977-0843
  • Europa: +34 946 542572
  • Asia: +669 3124 3007

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