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Kigo offers an all in one system for people looking to take their vacation rental business to the next professional level. It is designed for property managers looking to build a foundation for the expansion of their business and save time in the process. But, what if you don’t need this system? We know that a lot of property managers have built their own systems and have their own websites that are both meeting the needs of their business. Despite having this, they still want to include the power of the Channel Manager to their existing system. The Channel Manager is one of the most powerful tools we have to help you connect with potential guests and join forces with some of the largest names in the vacation rental industry.

 This is why we offer the API plug-in. This plugin allows you to keep every single aspect of your current website and property management system whilst utilising Kigo’s Channel Manager system. This channel manager then allows you to connect your website or portal to our extensive network of property sites, reaching a worldwide network that extends to millions of guests, on the world’s most popular portals. It is a simple and easy way to push your site, properties and branding to a tremendous new section of potential guests.

An easy way to boost your booking volumes and increase revenue is to allow bookings to be taken on other sites. And thanks to a channel manager, you can ensure the availability is accurate and take bookings and payments in real time from other sites. With Kigo’s API your booking and availability information is automatically updated across every portal every time you make a booking, saving you hours of updating every week and ensuring no errors are made.

Booking inquiries are an excellent way to interact with your customers and leads, but when the client has their mind made up, it’s great for them to be able to convert there and then on the site they have found the property, rather than engage in a long dialogue and potential become distracted by other offers. Allowing other sites to book inventory and then send these reservations in real-time through the channel manager is an excellent way to increase marketing reach and boost booking volumes. If you are interested in a Channel Management solution be sure to check out Kigo’s Reservation System with Channel Management integration. Promote your properties on 30+ portals and hundreds of vacation rental agency web sites.

And, as well as guests, you can also partner with property owners and agencies to list their properties on your site. This way you can increase bookings and your inventory across the globe. You agree the terms and conditions with the portal and collect the commission from every night booked. Fill those last-minute openings by pushing specials on the larger discount portals such as or HomeAway.The Channel Manager API plugin takes your business as it is and lets you put it in front of the world.   You can read even more about what implementing the Kigo Channel Manager can do for your business here.

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