How the Right Payment Process Ensures Bookings

Generating Bookings With a Simple and Safe Payment Process

Letting Your Guests Pay in the Most Convenient Way

The more clicks, the more pages that a customer has to visit – the more work that they have to do directly influences the likelihood of them booking with your site. Having a quick and easy booking and payment system will mean that more visitors turn into bookings. Today we’re explaining exactly how the Kigo system allows you to receive payment in a way that will ensure your guests can confirm and pay for their bookings with ease.

Allow guests to book a property directly from your website with Kigo’s secure online payment integration. The 15+ major payment gateways we partner with will allow you to accept payments from anywhere around the world.

You can also display prices in multiple currencies on your website and give your guests precise information about how much the final booking is going to be. We tokenize payments to ensure ease whilst maintaining security and safety. All online payments are automatically re-coded in Kigo’s backend system. To save you time, reservation payment details are automatically filled in with the right amounts and the payment provider.

15 Online Payment Gateways
We work with more than 15 online payment gateways including Paypal. We work with the major payment gateways from numerous countries, meaning you can accept and send payments in various currencies from anywhere in the world. Having the option to use trusted, global, third party companies means that customers will be able to trust the process, meaning the right payment gateway will lead to more booking conversions. As well as being safe and secure, Kigo payments give your customers the chance to book there and then, every page your customer has to click through is an opportunity to for them to abandon the booking. An easy to use, comprehensive system will result in more bookings through your website. You have the safety and security of using a major company to process payments whilst still using the individual brand of your own website.

Simplicity and Confidence
The Kigo payment system is designed to make things as simple and as effective for you as a property manager whilst also making it as simple and clear as possible for your guests. A complicated payment system that redirects your guests to third party websites will reduce consumer confidence in your website and will see more abandoned bookings.

The Kigo system is built to make the payment process as simple, quick and safe as possible. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers the best choice, wherever they are based, and whatever currency they use.

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