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If you have decided that your business would benefit from a management system it may be that your focus is now on the disruption that implementing any such system might cause to your business. Having any downtime means that your business is losing money, at Kigo we are committed to increasing the revenue of property managers.


What we’re talking about today is how you can implement a sophisticated system with minimum upset to how you run your business, as well as learning how to get the very utmost out of every feature of the software. How we do this is by making sure that every manager has all of the resources they need available to them at times that suit the needs of their business.

This is the process of taking your current system and properties and entering them into the Kigo system. We make this as quick and as simple as possible.

To get started, your personal account manager will arrange a convenient time with you to learn the basics of the Kigo system. Our support staff will then provide a detailed Q&A session to help you to with more specific and complicated questions. Our team works with you to ensure that you have all the help and knowledge you need to make this process as fast and as smooth as possible.

Whilst the Kigo system is always built with the end user in mind, becoming familiar with all of the features can take time. We understand that the time you have to devote to this learning process may not be long, or even at regular hours. This is why our support team have created 9 training videos that will allow you to get the most out of Kigo’s features at your own pace. This can be watched anytime and are available to all Kigo customers.

This is as well as a searchable knowledge base that has clear and detailed information on using every single aspect of Kigo, from using the Channel Manager to updating your custom website. We are constantly adding to our training resources to make sure every customer can become an expert user of Kigo in the shortest possible time.

We also know that when problems strike, they generally come at the worst possible time. In the middle of the night, or just as a big booking comes in. This is why we have expert support staff available 24 hours a day between Monday and Friday, and in six languages. You can also submit questions and issues at any time via our ticketing system.

Our whole process is designed to assist you in using Kigo to its full potential as soon as possible. We have created a sophisticated support network that means you will be controlling every aspect of your business within just a few days of setting up your system.

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