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How We Help You Make The Switch From Your Current System

 Making the transition from your current system can put a lot of property managers off choosing a new system to manage their business. When your current system will suffice and migrating all of your data will be a strenuous and time-consuming task, we see why some property managers decide not to move to a better system. This is why we have created a system to make this as simple as possible and make sure that your business is not impacted by having to manually migrate all of your property information onto the Kigo system. We make it as simple as possible so you can start using Kigo to save you time and increase your bookings from the very outset.

 For large agencies, data migration will be one of the biggest tasks they have when it comes to selecting or changing their property management system. We think that this should not stand in the way of you changing to a more effective and powerful system. Having hundreds of properties means days, if not weeks doing the administrative task of switching them onto your new system. As well as being a tedious task, this can mean days of your properties being offline and thousand lost in potential revenue. A quick and easy data migration system means that you can enjoy the benefits of the new Kigo system without having to suffer the extended delays that usually have to come with migrating masses of data.

 We have a system in place to add every single one of your properties into the Kigo system. From the moment you decide to become a Kigo client, you will be assigned an account manager that will be responsible for the successful migration of your system. We then provide a scraping of property information that will be copied onto your new system. Your account manager will inform you of any data that cannot be replicated and will work with you to find the best way to replicate any missing information. We can also migrate property information, pictures and descriptions from portal websites such as VRBO, Airbnb, HomeAway and The turn around for this process is typically two weeks and you can start to use the Kigo system whilst this process is happening.

 Our product has been developed by property managers so we understand the need for a quick easy data migration process. Everything we do at Kigo is designed to make the management of your business simpler and more profitable and we do not ignore data migration in this principle. Our data migration service will save you a tremendous amount of time, allowing you to using Kigo to increase your revenue as soon as possible.

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