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Revenue management is a force that transformed the hotel and airline industry. It is the science of selling a product that has a defined expiry date, at the optimum price before it is too late and you lose the value of the product. In this case, the value is a night in vacation rental property. The problem with revenue management has always been that no one has ever designed a system for vacation rentals. Previous systems have been copied from hotels, didn’t fit the VR business model or were too complex to use for a smaller business. That was until now.


 Kigo has created a revenue management tool that is already having an impact on the revenue of vacation businesses. We have automated the basic principles of revenue management: simple and effective ways to use information to make your business more profitable. In fact, you probably use some of the basics already.

For example, summer is generally the peak season for vacation rentals and your price is going to reflect this. Your product is worth more to more people at this time. What revenue management allows you to see are the other patterns like this that lie under the surface.

 To apply revenue management, you need to understand your product. Vacation rentals are:
  • Finite
  • Perishable
  • Variable

You have a fixed amount of rooms or properties available – this is what is meant by ‘Finite’. You cannot suddenly find a room even if there is someone willing to pay 10 times your normal rate.

Secondly, shops can reduce prices if products don’t sell. Whilst you can do this, they have a greater time period to hold onto their goods and try new ways to attract customers. And if it doesn’t sell, they still have their stock. Vacation rentals don’t have this luxury. If you fail to book a night in your property, it slips by empty and cannot be reclaimed. This is what is known as a ‘perishable inventory’. Revenue management means that you get the maximum revenue and don’t let nights go unbooked. Finally, different people are willing to pay different amounts at different times for your properties; they are variable. Revenue management is the process of understanding these times of demand and setting your price accordingly.

Even in our trial period, it increased customer revenue by an average of 20%. Our aim was to make a tool that is easy to use, effective and requires as much or as little client control as you wish. KRM understands and applies real-time changes in market demand and sets the price at the optimum point for both occupancy and revenue. It also adapts to various different pricing style, allowing you to choose how aggressive your pricing approach is. You choose the strategy that’s right for your business then Kigo Revenue Management will automate your prices in this pattern.


You simply set a rate map that decides a price based upon maximum and minimum levels that you choose. You then decide on the properties that you want to include and the time it will run. Furthermore, you can block out or make changes to individual days and run more than one rate map at a time, meaning you are in complete control and can apply any last minute changes if you need to.

The tangible effects of using revenue management are that you are going to see more of your less desirable nights booked and more revenue from your popular nights. Kigo’s revenue management takes the guesswork and the administrative work out of setting competitive prices for every single one of your properties. It syncs with properties in Kigo so there is no need to waste time adding property details. You simply choose the parameters you want to try and then just watch as your revenue increases without having to increase your inventory, invest in new marketing or add to your workload. The days of manually applying discounts and updating rates are over with Kigo Revenue Management. Launch a dynamic pricing strategy that’s fully automated and configured to suit your specific business needs. Kigo Revenue Management customers experience an average first-year increase in booking revenue of 20% It really is an unmissable opportunity for every vacation rental business.

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