Kigo Vacation Rental Monthly Plans

Plan 1

Up to 9 units
$ 109 per month
+ $ 0.70 per night booked
Email/Phone Support Services
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Plan 2

Up to 19 units
$ 149 per month
+ $ 0.65 per night booked
Email/Phone Support Services
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Plan 3

Up to 49 units
$ 179 per month
+ $ 0.60 per night booked
Email/Phone Support Services
Data Import Services for properties and bookings
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Plan 4

Up to 99 units
$ 239 per month
+ $ 0.55 per night booked
Email/Phone Support Services
Data Import Services for properties and bookings
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Plan 5

Up to 199 units
$ 419 per month
+ $ 0.53 per night booked
Email/Phone Support Services
Data Import Services for properties and bookings
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Plan 6

Up to 499 units
$ 599 per month
+ $ 0.50 per night booked
Email/Phone Support Services
Data Import Services for properties and bookings
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Core Application Includes:

  • Reservation and Booking Engine Manage all properties, reservations, and bookings
  • Channel Manager – Preferred Distribute to Kigo’s preferred partner network
  • Email Triggers Automatically trigger customizable emails on events
  • Insurance Integration* Offer integrated travel insurance products insurance
  • Owner Extranet Allow your owners to add and review bookings and see their statements
  • Payment Processor Integration** Connect with a network of integrated payment providers in a PCI compliant manner
  • Reservation System Manage all your bookings, properties and rates
  • Reports & Dashboards Easily report on Bookings, Leads, Properties, etc.
  • Guest and Owner Statements Keep track of guest and owner balances
  • Channel Manager – All Channels Distribute to Kigo’s entire partner network
  • CRM Database Contacts and contact history
  • Multi-User Add more than one user to the Kigo system and assign them different roles
  • WordPress Kigo Site Add a WordPress site that you can edit yourself websites are optional and are not included in the plans.
  • Maintenance Tasks Manage Unit Turns, maintenance tasks, and staff assignments with a sophisticated work order system
  • Multi Units / Developments Organize your properties as hotels and room types or any other way that fits your business
  • Review Management*** Accept and manage reviews on your website and from connected partners
  • Advanced Pricing Configuration Options Allows for Room-based, person-based, and Lock-off pricing configurations
  • Advanced Reports Additional and more sophisticated reports with additional fields and search criteria
  • Market Area Landing Pages Add a hierarchy of destination web pages for your different locations to drive more effective merchandising and enhanced bookability
  • Multi-Agent Enhancements Automatically assign new leads to agents based on customized rules
  • API Keys**** Generate API keys that enable the sharing of data with partners or the creation of bespoke websites

Learn more about our additional services including Websites, Contact Center and Revenue Management.

* Requires separate agreement with Rental Guardian. US-only.

** Requires separate agreement with Payment Processor. Some processors carry additional setup and monthly fees.

*** Automated review integration providers: Your website & FlipKey

**** This option is only available from plan 5 and above

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What do the monthly plans cover?
The plans all include Kigo’s standard property management features: the reservation system, email parsing, the channel manager, website hosting, calendar syncing, email notifications, analytics, hosting, security, maintenance, free ongoing updates and customer support (according to the plan level). Please, do take into consideration that some functionality will be available only in higher level plans so look closely and choose the one that best fits your needs.
How do I pay monthly fees?
We debit your account at the beginning of each month for the current month, using one of our accepted payment methods. Please get in contact with your Client Success Manager to see how you can set this up.
How much does it cost to implement an online payment system integration in Kigo?
For our preferred Payment processors there is no fee. For other supported processors there may be additional fees.
How much does it cost to implement insurance reselling in Kigo?
If you are using our preferred partner Rental Guardian, there is no fee. On the contrary, selling insurance can significantly increase your revenues. You need an account with Rental Guardian and may you may have to obtain an insurance reseller license depending on your local regulation.
What happens if I want to add more properties?
No action needed on your part. We will automatically change your plan for you in the next billing cycle. If you are interested in a specific feature not included in your current plan, please email and one of our Success Managers will upgrade your account for you. If your find yourself managing fewer properties than before, you can request a downgrade for the following month, up to 10 days before the end of the month.
What is the length of my contract?
The initial term of the contract is 12 months from the signing date.
What if Kigo doesn’t have a feature I need?
We listen to our customers, so if you feel there is functionality that should be in our vacation rental software, tell us and we’ll consider implementing it. We also have an API and there are many smart companies creating solutions on the Kigo platform.

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