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Increase your bookings by integrating the properties on your website with VACAGENT, Kigo's trusted Channel Manager Partner.

VACAGENT is a unique solution to power-up your bookings flow and provide you with the quality-driven Guests from around the World. VACAGENT's own online reservation system has professional agencies as users booking your property for their guests. Our wide portfolio consists of 250,000+ rentals worldwide. We are consistently expanding our presence globally and you are invited to become part of our success!

Each supplier is looked after!

  • We will cater for all, from budget to luxury – you are welcome!
  • Destinations covered globally
  • Real-time availability

Synchronize your property data

  • Manage your VACAGENT listings directly from your Kigo back-officed
  • Publish your property descriptions, basic pricing data, photos and calendar updates through the API
  • All your data is updated in real time via Kigo’s PMS
  • Commission 15% from the gross rate with no additional charges

Quick and Easy Onboarding

  • Onboarding process: 24h-48h
  • No direct sign-up required, all bookings are managed from your Kigo back office

Questions? call us, we are here to help you:

  • EE.UU.: 1-855-977-0843
  • Europa: +34 946 542572
  • Asia: +669 3124 3007

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