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How Kigo's Booking Widget Turns Visitors Into Bookings

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We deal with many customers that have their own website, and their own property management system that they are perfectly happy with. What they come to us for, is a chance to add our booking system and add into their site and system. A booking engine that allows them to take online bookings and provide updated availability information. This is why we create and are proud to offer the Kigo Booking Widget.


Using our Kigo Booking Widget can be the quickest way to your site up and running, taking bookings. It can be fitted into your existing site and be integrated with the Kigo system so that all of your bookings are entered into the reservation system and distributed across your portal partners. It is designed to make booking easier for your customers, and managing those bookings easier for you.

 How To Add It
We simply send you the API code and you or your developers can integrate into your website, matching your colours and theme. If you do not have the expertise or an in-house developer then you can use our professional services team to help you build this engine into your website. This means you can be taking bookings that are added into your calendar and then into the integrated Kigo system.


Accept Online Bookings
Our Kigo Booking Widget also allows you to accept online bookings and have all of your availability information updated in real time. The Kigo Booking Widget removes time-consuming steps for your customers. They don’t have to email you to find out availability, they don’t have to wait for your reply. The more a customer has to do, the longer they have to wait, the more chance they have to find an alternative property. A delay of just an hour in the booking process reduces your chances of booking to just a quarter of those with instant, online booking capabilities.  A professional and effective booking system actually will help you increase your conversion rate and allow you to spend less time updating and checking the rest of your calendar.

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