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Kigo eSignature is a quick and secure way to send and sign documents. You and your guests can confirm bookings with the security and guarantees that come with having contracts, without the delay of having to send paper copies back and forth.

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DocuSign® Technology

Using the technology of DocuSign, Kigo eSignature lets you add a signature option in to your documents and send them over a secure network to be signed and collected.

You receive notification when it is complete and your documents are stored in a secure online storage that can be accessed when required, meaning that you will never be without the information you need.


Save Time On Every Booking

Considering the number of documents requiring signatures per transaction, and the distances between owner and guests, using eSignature adds up to real time savings for managers and guests alike. As well as the time saving and the inherent convenience of completing transactions online, eSignature provides a safer, more secure way to send and store sensitive documents.

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Quick and Easy To Add

To use Kigo eSignature, simply add the eSignature tag into any document and the recipient is directed to the DocuSign site to confirm and sign. Your customers will not have to install or download any programs and every signature is protected by the bank-grade security of DocuSign. In short, DocuSign ensures the confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity and enforceability of your every one of your documents.


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