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If you are considering using a template to create a professional site for your business, you may be asking yourself; how is this going to be special enough to differentiate from all the other sites out there? This is where your content comes in. This is how you drive your site to the top of search engines and give your potential customers links they can’t wait to click. Adding blogs, content, images, and media will add your unique touch to the base of a template website and help you to stand out from the crowd.


Expand your site and create content to drive customers to your site and improve your SEO ranking. A WordPress CMS allows you to create this content without having to have any knowledge of HTML or coding. Add high-quality images to your posts, include infographics and animation and create a blog. A high-quality blog will drive customers to your business.

Our system means that you can do all of this within the Kigo system using WordPress. WordPress is built and designed to be used by people with limited web experience. It can be modified to any level as you become more confident and skilled at developing your pages. You can then start to vary the content you create and add more features to your website.

Having quality content will drastically increase your SEO ranking and add weight and authenticity to your website. A complete, and consistently updated site inspires trust from your customers. Trust encourages bookings. Professional looking and sounding content demonstrates that your business is serious and gives guests a reason to want to visit your site.

You can choose from default types of posts and pages and then just fill them with your original content. These pages are all optimized for mobile and tablets so your guests will be able to view your pages on any device and you won’t get left behind in Google’s rankings for mobile sites. You can even add tags and sub-categories to your content so your visitors can easily find the pages they need, as well as boosting their search rankings. Adding content turns your site into a page guests want to visit.

A WordPress CMS gives you the professional framework for you to add creative and exciting content to your website without having to use developers or spend time learning coding techniques. This separates you from the competition and boosts your site’s search engine ranking meaning you can take a template site and turn it into a unique shop front for your business in just a matter of days.

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