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The Perfect Vacation Rental Management Guest Welcome Package

Vacation Rental Management

Do all of your holiday apartments have a properly detailed guest welcome package? As online booking has become the norm for vacation rental management, the idea of the guest book has evolved. Have your guest welcome packets evolved as well?

The Evolution of the Vacation Rental Guest Welcome Package

Gone are the days for vacation rental management personnel to mail a general guest information package along with the booking receipt, signed contract, and guest reservation confirmation number.

Vacation Rental Guest Book

Today the guest book in your vacation rental property is on your website.

Today, your vacation rental management software automates the booking process. So, how do you ensure that guests receive all the information they will need about your vacation rental property?

Put Guest Information On Your Website

One excellent way to convey important information about individual properties is via your website. Many vacation rental managers find it beneficial to include a downloadable PDF file containing the guest information packet for each property on their vacation rental property website.

An option to download the guest packet can be placed on the booking confirmation page, allowing the guest to access important information right away. With Kigo’s custom web design solution, options like this are easy.

Send Guest Information via Automated Email

An additional point at which you may want to provide a copy of the guest information packet is via your confirmation email. With Kigo’s reservation and calendaring system, you can configure automated emails that include any information you want to send to your guests, including the guest information packet and instruction manual for your vacation rental property.

Put Guest Information in the Vacation Rental

Even though you may have provided your guest information packet via your website and email, there is still a need to maintain a comprehensive guest welcome package in your vacation rental because:

  • Guests may have forgotten to bring previously provided information with them.
  • Guests may misplace the information at any point during their stay.
  • Guests often prefer the convenience of a welcome packet at their fingertips on-site.

Providing welcome information multiple times increases the likelihood that your guests will actually read the information and profit from it, thus saving them time trying to figure out the ins and outs of your vacation rental property and preventing unnecessary phone calls to your company for previously provided information.

What to Include in Your Guest Welcome Packet

The purpose of your welcome packet is to answer common questions your guests may have about your vacation rental property and the area around it.’s article, “The Vacation Rental Welcome Book” notes that the welcome book is “an attractively laid out, easy to read, structured and friendly manual that makes your guests stay as comfortable as possible.”

Here is a list of essential information to provide in your guest welcome book:

Contact Information

  • Phone numbers for your vacation property management staff
  • Emergency numbers for police, fire, and rescue

Basic House Rules and Instructions

  • Desired thermostat settings
  • Appliance operation instructions
  • WiFi password and instructions for connection
  • TV, DVD, Satellite remote control instructions
  • Rules pertaining to use of barbecues and instructions for use
  • Security codes or key policies
  • Parking instructions or passes
  • List of commonly used household items in your rental and their location

Waste Disposal

  • Local garbage pick-up days and times
  • Recycling instructions, if applicable

Local Items

  • Area attractions
  • Restaurant recommendations
  • Area churches
  • Area medical centers

Check-Out Procedures

  • Check-out time
  • Reminder of desired thermostat settings
  • Cleaning requirements

For rental properties that are often booked by international travelers, it is also wise to include a list of local ordinances, which may vary significantly from their home country.


Providing pertinent information like recycling instructions makes a welcome packet truly useful to your guests.

Additionally, many vacation rental property managers find that having a separate guest comment book close to the guest information book encourages guests to provide valuable feedback about the holiday rental property and services provided. Make it a habit to review the book often to find guest suggestions for improvement. Follow through with adjustments, as needed.

Future Booking Prompts

The best time to encourage repeat booking is when your guests are in your vacation rental property, enjoying all it has to offer. Therefore, many property managers include a section in their guest welcome book which gives information about how to book the property again. In this way, you can begin to encourage repeat bookings at an optimal moment in the guest experience.

Summing It All Up’s “Essential Information for Your Guests” sums up the goal of your guest welcome book nicely by noting:

“Your goal should always be to be one step ahead of your guests, anticipating problems that may arise and giving them tools to deal with them before they happen, or to at least manage them with minimal fuss. Being proactive with comprehensive information is always preferable to having to react to a panic call from your guests.”

Kigo’s vacation rental management software solution offers:

  • a variety of features to help you increase your bookings
  • satisfy your guests at every opportunity
  • keep your business running smoothly

Request a demo today to see everything Kigo can do for you!