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The Rise of the Solo Traveller

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How the new generation of travellers are going it alone The latest trend that is making waves in the travel industry is solo travel. More and more people are deciding to pack up and set off on the spur of the moment, travelling alone. Travel is more affordable and accessible than it has ever been. […]

4 Times People Regretted Being a Property Manager

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There is a certain amount of frustration in any job. There are times when you’d like to click the laptop shut and go and live in the woods, construct a shelter from rubbery trees and vines, then dig away from the modern world. We all feel like that at some point. So, to relieve some […]

Counting The Cost of Every ChangeOver

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It’s no secret that many vacation rental businesses start small. Even as just a hobby or a way to fill up a few empty weeks in a holiday home. This means that the business model is forced to grow as the business grows. There is no master plan in place from day one and no […]

Back To School

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4 Ways to Stay Booked When Summer is Over   The summer holidays generally belong to families. The children are off school and days have to be filled. The car is loaded up and properties are booked, ideally as close to a beach or as many attractions as possible. People expecting peace and quiet in […]

The Hidden Charges Guests Hate

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Why companies are willing to lose customers for a small term gain. Trends in the travel industry are usually pioneered by the airlines and major hotel brands. They have the customer base to test and what’s more, people need  to fly and find places to stay. Their customer base is almost captive. They have the […]