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Laser Target Your Audience with Channel Manager Software

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Custom messaging to target audience with Kigo vacation rental channel manager software

When you think about vacation rental marketing, one of the first questions you must ask yourself is, “Who is the target audience for this property?” Identifying your target audience is key. Identifying the Target “Your target audience isn’t ‘anyone who’s interested’ in your product, service or content. They are specific segments within your target market.” […]

Why You Should NOT Use Vacation Rental Software

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vacation rental software

Every business is unique, and not every vacation rental property manager needs to utilize all the features offered by vacation rental software. You may question if it’s worth the cost or meets the specific needs of your business. The truth is, such software holds tremendous potential for your property management company, and with Kigo, you can select the products […]

Vacation Rental Booking Software Reduces Friction

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Kigo Booking Software

As a vacation rental property manager, you can spend your time and marketing budget attracting travelers to your website, only to have a potential guest abandon the booking process at the last minute. What was the source of the lost conversion? The Kissmetrics article “How to Win the War against Conversion Friction” answers: “Friction is anything that […]

Vacation Rental Website Design Checklist: Defining the User Experience

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Vacation Rental Website Design Template

Do you remember the early days of vacation rental web design? Forget everything you knew, because times have changed. To compete with huge websites like AirBnB and TripAdvisor, your website must guide the visitor to a booking with an exceptional user experience every time. Get more vacation rental marketing tips. Download our free ebook: Creative […]

What is the Best Vacation Rental Website Template?

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Vacation Rental Website Design Template

There is no question that vacation rental property management companies must have a good website to be competitive – especially as industry listing portals continue to consolidate and change. As Andrew McConnell, CEO of said in a VRMA article, “These mergers and acquisitions are not only moving to expand inventory for major OTAs or […]

Social Media Marketing for Vacation Rentals | Thought Leader Series

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Lorena Brockman Header_600x

“99% of vacation rental managers fail at the very first hurdle when it comes to social media marketing because they behave anti-socially. That’s the ugly truth. We shout a lot. We tell people about what we have to sell. “Look at me,” “look at my website,” “look at my properties.” Forget that approach.” (VRMA) It’s a digital world and marketing […]

Roomorama Boosts Vacation Rental Bookings

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roomorama logo Kigo channel management software

Kigo’s article “Vacation Rental Management Leads in the Age of Airbnb” states: “As direct online marketing continues to become harder due to the sheer volume of vacation rental property listings online, a well-considered strategy for customer acquisition must include leveraging the power of channel distribution.” Kigo’s channel manager software makes vacation rental listing distribution through […]

SEO and Social Media Marketing for Vacation Rentals: Tips and Tricks

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Social Media Marketing for Vacation Rental Homes

In a world where your website can make or break your vacation rental home bookings, great SEO practices and social media marketing take center stage. After all, if no one sees your site, your booking chances are basically dead in the water. What Vacation Rental Managers Need to Know about SEO Kigo’s “Choosing Your Ultimate SEO […]