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Mobile Bookings Set to Take Over the Vacation Rental World

Vacation Rental Websites
Kigo vacation rental software includes fully responsive website booking that allows this young lady to book and securely pay for her travel reservation using a mobile devices or Smartphone

A recent Skift report highlighted the surprising fact that even in 2016, more than half of travel bookings still occur offline or through retail travel agents. The report makes this bold prediction: “By 2020, the travel industry will have the highest percentage of online payments in relation to all sales than any other industry on Earth.” Mobile bookings […]

Who Is Scared of Revenue Management Software?

Revenue Management Software
revenue management

Change is stressful—and yet the vacation rental industry is evolving under our feet. In this dynamic environment, those who keep up will succeed, while others will be left behind. Changes in the Vacation Rental Industry The biggest change driving the business is technology. Never before has something as simple as an Internet connection delivered such powerful tools to […]

How a Reservation Call Center Boosts Bookings and ROI

Reservation Call Center
reservation call center

What Annoys You? In today’s world of instant 24/7 access, it is easy to get annoyed with things that would not have annoyed anyone in generations past. For instance, don’t you just hate it when you try to call a business and the phone just rings and rings? Your potential guests hate that, too. And […]

Is Your Vacation Rental Website Template Killing Your Conversion Rates?

Vacation Rental Websites

In vacation rental property management, your website is one of your most powerful marketing tools. As more and more guests indicate a preference for online booking, your website becomes increasingly important. The question is: is your current website doing its job well, or is it killing your conversion rates? Is your website design visually appealing […]

Peter Drucker, Growth, and Vacation Rental Management

Vacation Rental Management

“The business enterprise has two – and only two – basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs.” Peter Drucker Peter Drucker and Vacation Rental Management Peter Drucker was arguably one of the most widely influential thinkers and writers on the subject of business management and growth ever. How […]

Attract Long-term Vacation Rental Guests: Expert Interview With Digital Nomad Silvia Puchovska

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Silvia Puchovska is the writer behind the Unboxing Traveller, where she writes about her adventures living and traveling abroad. We recently checked in with the self-described digital nomad to get her thoughts on full-time travel and what she looks for in the ideal rental property. Here’s what she had to say: How did you become so […] Extranet – 3 Tricks for Vacation Rental Bookings

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Vacation rental management companies are always on the lookout for ways to increase bookings and drive revenue. provides many management companies a way to extend their marketing reach to a truly global audience. is one of Kigo’s many portal partners. Skift notes that one of the strengths of lies in its ability […]

Mobile Alert: Vacation Rental Payment Processing

Vacation Rental Websites
Social media helps spread your automated emails

From airline flights to vacation rentals, travelers are using mobile devices to book and pay. This year, eMarketer predicts that a majority of American travelers will make bookings on a mobile device: “In 2016, 51.8 percent of travelers who book trips via digital means will do so using a mobile device, according to eMarketer’s latest […]

Vacation Rental Reservation Software – Click and Book!

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Vacation rental website templates that convert

“When it comes to booking vacation rentals, Millennials like the option to book instantly. They want to search, compare and book rentals with just a few clicks,” says Jenn O’Neal in’s “The Ideal Vacation Rental Home for Millennials, Boomers, and Beyond.” While millennial vacation rental rates are holding steady year over year, the article […]

How to Compete with Hotels Using Channel Manager Software

Channel Management Software
Kigo Channel Manager Software Integrates with Online Vacation Rental Listing Partners

Are vacation rentals displacing hotels? CNN Money’s “Hilton: We’re Not Scared of Airbnb” reports that, at $25 billion, Airbnb’s valuation is greater than Hilton Worldwide, Hyatt Hotels, and Marriott. Its growth prompted the CEO of giant hotel company Hilton to assure investors it is not worried about Airbnb’s rising popularity: Hilton CEO Christopher Nassetta said, […]