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6 Habits of Extremely Effective Vacation Rental Managers

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Changing is hard. It’s natural to see our habits as a result of the handful of flaws and virtues we were born with, unable to change them, as if we were trying to change our eye colour with sheer willpower. It can be easy to dismiss successful people as ‘Just the type that’s suited to […]

Images that Sell. Trade Secrets from Photography Experts

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How to Make Your Images Leap Off The Page There’s a trend in advertising for glossy close-up images. Pictures that shine and make us want. Food advertising was the birthplace of this phenomenon and it’s commonly referred to as ‘Food Porn’, pictures so expressive that we can’t help but pay attention.Images are probably the best […]

8 Ways To Work Smarter, Not Harder at Conferences

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Conférence NWX2012 (Normandy Web Xperts) à H2o, quai de Boisguilbert à Rouen

Tricks of the Trade to get the most out of the upcoming trade fairs and conferences At Kigo, we’re heading to both the World Travel Market in London and the Vacation Rental Manager Association annual conference in New Orleans this month. We’ve been looking at the ways to make our exhibition the best it can […]

Is Consistency The Business Secret You’re Missing?

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A comparison of processing techniques. From left to right:
RAW direct
FP4+-yellowMore to the point, from left to right:
Very Cherry, Pomegranate, Tutti-Fruitti, Peach, Buttered Popcorn, Juicy Pear, Green Apple, Watermelon, Blueberry, CoconutNot my fault there aren't any indigo or violet ones.And I pity the poor blighter who had to arrange the still-life shots all the same with identical lighting & shadows for the menu in the lid!

The world is no longer the flat, hazy mystery it once was. Travel has opened almost every country to visits from anywhere and commerce spreads over the globe like a flood. I can travel from Singapore to Moscow in the same day and order the exact same coffee, both tasting exactly the same, and with […]

Show The World: Kigo at World Travel Market 2015

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As the summer bookings are fading, us and the rest of the travel industry are taking the time to look back over the year and across the industry. The brief respite from bookings means that it is the perfect chance to attend the various events around the world for the travel and vacation rental industry. […]