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Vacation Rental Management Growth Secrets – Get Found

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It is safe to say that a plan is only effective when it is implemented. Peter Drucker, known as the founder of modern management, said: “Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.” This holds true for your vacation rental management growth plan. After you have employed the S.M.A.R.T. method of […]

Mastering Customer Service for Vacation Rentals

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Providing excellent customer service around the clock means your business needs to be reachable at all times, but it doesn’t have to consume the personal lives of your entire staff. With the right support system, you can deliver great customer service and never miss a booking again, without being on-call. Much more than an answering […]

Vacation Rental Management Growth Secrets – Get a Plan

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Why is it that, even in a climate full of growth potential, some vacation rental management companies will lose out, while others will rise to the top in their market? The answer lies in a vacation rental management company’s ability to plan adequately for growth. Zig Ziglar, master of the lessons for success, said: “You […]

Expert Interview Series: How to Grow Your Vacation Rental Management Business with Expert Kim Bergstrom

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Kim Bergstrom Kigo Vacation Rental Management Expert

Kim Bergstrom, owner and proprietor of The Houses On Manzanita Beach, grew up commuting to the beach on weekends, holidays and vacations after her father bought a dream vacation house in the small coastal town of Manzanita, Oregon. The independent, creative spirit of our beach community became part of who she is. When Kim’s father retired in […]

Vacation Rental Management Growth Secrets – Introduction

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Vacation Rental Growth Secrets Vacation rental experts agree that the industry now stands on the brink of an exciting period of growth. That assessment is based on some impressive evidence. Kigo’s “Vacation Rental Investment Fuels Need for Channel Management Software” notes that investment in the vacation rental industry is up a whopping 750 percent. To […]

Marketing Vacation Rentals: The Importance of Understanding the Renter Journey

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Kigo Vacation Rental Channel Management Software

It is a great time to be in the vacation rental property business. Innovations in the industry are creating a perfect environment for marketing vacation rentals. According to research by Technavio, it is estimated that the global vacation rental market will reach $169.7 billion by the year 2019. Maximizing Your Market Share While the vacation […]

Improve Your Vacation Rental Property Business: Show Off Your Best Side

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Once upon a time, when vacation rentals were few and far between, it was possible to distinguish your properties from others by providing the nicest accommodations at affordable prices. In those days, a simple newspaper ad or even word-of-mouth was just about all the marketing you needed to do. Now, however, the vacation rental industry […]

Vacation Rental Management – Is Fear Holding You Back?

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Is it possible that fear is holding you back from making the most of your vacation rental management company? Do not let fear hold you back from helping your business to grow. lists five common fears that may be hampering your success. Do any of these sound familiar to you? 1) Fear of technology […]

New Report – Vacation Rental Management Trends Through 2019

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What does it take to remain competitive in the vacation rental industry? Business News Daily’s “Tips to Keep Small Business Owners Competitive” offers insight from a study of 750 business owners that sheds light on ways to stay competitive in any industry. Here are a few: Be prepared for changes within your industry. Adopt new […]

5 Ways Booking Software Can Increase Your Bottom Line

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Online Booking Software Boosts Vacation Rental Property Bookings

The hardest part about managing vacation rentals is ensuring a steady stream of guests are booked for every room. With too many vacant rooms, revenue and profits drop. Streamline and Simplify While Generating More Vacation Rental Leads with Booking Software Booking software can considerably improve the bottom line of rental agencies by streamlining the management […]