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The Faces of Kigo: Meet Orrin Jolley

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  What makes working at Kigo unique? Sincere team camaraderie and authentic travel passion are our focal points. When asked “Why do you do what you do every day?”, each team member had great anecdotes and some of the world’s best travel advice. We created the Faces of Kigo series because our brand is not just […]

Kigo and Zhubaijia Partner to Reach Asian Travel Market

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To say that China is a big market would be a gross understatement. Every international company worth its salt wants at least an opportunity to sell its products and/or services in China market. After all, many Chinese consumers have newly disposable income and China’s new upper middle class is more than happy to spend money […]

VRBO Shares How to Protect Your Business from Vacation Rental Scams

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A news report from ABC11 in North Carolina describes the case of the Kobsik family. Annually, the Kobsiks join extended family at a vacation rental. This year, the family of 20 found what they believed was a perfect Ocean Isle beach rental through a popular vacation rental listing company. As is the family’s normal custom, […]

Latin America’s #1 Travel Agency Partners with Kigo in Anticipation of Boom in Online Vacation Rentals

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Adding Kigo’s 60,000 Listings, ( in Brazil) Moves to Extend Its Reach in North America and Europe The numbers are impressive: a population of 613 million; a million second homes available for vacation rentals; and an online booking rate that’s still only 25%, virtually guaranteeing prodigious growth. If you want to know where technology […]

A Basic Guide to Vacation Rental Marketing with Snapchat

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Here’s the marketing riddle of the day: What social media platform boasts more video views per day than Facebook and more users than Twitter? The answer: Snapchat! Used mostly by the 18-34 demographic, Snapchat functions like a camera that records 10-second video moments or “Snaps” that disappear forever within 24 hours. Many brands now use […]

How to Set an Average Daily Rate Using Revenue Management

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Guest: “I’d like to stay in your vacation rental next week. What’s the daily rate? Vacation Rental Manager: “That depends. How much are you willing to pay?” Wouldn’t it be great if the world worked that way? It would eliminate all the guesswork from your pricing strategy. Unfortunately, this type of question would not exactly […]

3 Steps to More Effective Time Management

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Have you ever noticed how effective business leaders seem to glide seamlessly through hectic days? While great leadership may look effortless, in reality it is often effective time management that differentiates a great manager from a good one. But “time management” is a cliche phrase. What does it really mean? The most productive vacation rental […]

Boost Your Vacation Rental Marketing Strategy with Videos

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Two out of three U.S. consumers watch travel videos before booking a trip. 88% of those travelers focus their YouTube searches on destinations, attractions, points of interest, or general travel ideas*. Many property managers use video content that includes 360-degree property tours, which are very useful. However, if your videos are purely property-focused, you might […]

Vacation Rental Marketing With Instagram: How to Create Your Visual Voice

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Instagram boasts a whopping 600 million global users who actively post over 95 million pictures and videos per day. While it’s less than a third of Facebook’s user base, 600 million is still a massive audience. Why is Instagram so popular with travelers? The answer lies largely in its format. Not only are travelers interested […]