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Drive Roomorama Bookings from Main Street to China

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Jia En Teo, co-founder of Roomorama, stated:

“Cities such as Tokyo, where hotels are expensive, and Taipei, where the hotel infrastructure is still developing, are doing particularly well in attracting short-term rentals.

With more than 300,000 rentals to choose from worldwide, the company specializes in apartments for working professionals and families, according to the Boston Globe.

How will Roomorama impact the vacation rental industry?

Drive Roomorama Bookings from Main Street to China

The answer lies in the company’s truly global reach. From Main Street, U.S. to China, Roomorama has a growing presence in the vacation rental landscape. Like airbnb, Roomorama has set its sights on creating a splash everywhere it expands, including Asia.

CNBC’s “The Short-Stay Services Disrupting Airbnb in Asia” notes that Asia is the fastest growing market right now. Jia En Teo, co-founder of Roomorama, states: “Cities such as Tokyo, where hotels are expensive, and Taipei, where the hotel infrastructure is still developing, are doing particularly well in attracting short-term rentals.”

One of the features that separates this listing portal from its competitor airbnb is its professionally managed accommodation offerings. Whereas airbnb concentrates almost entirely on peer-to-peer accommodations, Roomorama has tapped into a niche market of consumers who want competitively priced accommodations, as well as professionally managed ones.

Teo adds:

“There’s a portion of people who don’t necessarily want to walk into someone’s house with someone else’s shoes and clothes and books.”

For these travelers, Roomorama works with property managers such as estate agents to rent out investors’ properties on a short term basis to guests. Working with property managers helps to ensure the accommodations are of a high standard, which in turn leads to higher guest satisfaction. This distinction gives the company a definite advantage in Asian markets.

Eunice Khong, owner of the travel blog TravelerFolio, lists her favorite features of Roomorama’s service as:

  • Secure payment processing
  • The ability to narrow your search for accommodations to a Roomorama Certified Host, a trusted member of the Roomorama community who has completed at least 3 stays with good reviews
  • The variety of accommodations listed, ranging from a bedroom to an entire house
  • Excellent customer service representatives

The site is also listed by Payoneer as one of the top seven vacation rental marketplaces globally. The Payoneer blog states:

“Hosts benefit from listing and booking their properties completely for free (Roomorama charges guests a booking fee), while offering guests other benefits such as a concierge service and discounts to local services and attractions. Since there are no fees, listing on Roomorama is definitely a no-brainer.”

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