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Why customer surveys are important to your vacation rental business

Vacation Rental Marketing

When was the last time you asked your guests for feedback? Were all your guests satisfied with their stay at your vacation rental property? If so why did they enjoy staying at your vacation rental property? As a vacation rental manager or owner if you don’t know the answer to these questions,  then you are about to discover why you should find these answers and why it is important to your vacation rental business.





So why are customer surveys invaluable

Customer surveys will allow you to gain invaluable information from your customers that can add real value to your vacation rental business. You are selling to consumers in a  competitive environment so finding out directly what their needs and wants are can enable you to advertise strong marketing messages tapping into your consumer desires.

Remember the customer is always right and surveys will allow you to not just get one opinion but get a majority vote and you can ask the same questions to a number of your guests. This will allow you to recognise your strengths and weaknesses. Its always nice hearing what you are doing right as well as wanting to improve your vacation rental business.


Questions you could ask

The questions you ask is  key to the quality and value of the feedback you receive. So here are a few questions you can ask your vacation rental guests.

  1. What made you choose the property you booked?
  2. What did you enjoy the most about your vacation rental property and why?
  3. What was your favorite amenity offered?
  4. How would you rate the comfort of the bed you slept in? (scale runs from “uncomfortable” to “excellent”)
  5. How would you rate the general cleanliness of your property? (scale runs from “unclean” to “excellent”)

These are just a few questions you could use but be sure to personalise your customer survey in accordance to your property.

The results

This is the exciting part seeing the results of the customer survey itself! Be prepared to make changes to your vacation rental properties. Recognise your strengths and use them in your vacation rental marketing campaigns. Don’t forget to keep a copy of your results on record so you can have a year on year comparison. So there you have it! A blog on why customer surveys are important to your vacation rental business and how to take advantage of it!

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