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The Faces of Kigo: Meet Moritz Overbeck

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Kigo is made up of diverse, talented people who share a common love for travel and a commitment to the success of our clients. We created the Faces of Kigo series to showcase the unique individuals at the core of our business. Meet Moritz Overbeck, a Kigo Account Executive based in Barcelona. An avid traveller, Moritz is […]

The Faces of Kigo: Meet Richard Baker

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At its core, Kigo is about so much more than software—it’s about people. We created the Faces of Kigo series to share the unique stories that collectively make up our brand. Meet Richard Baker, an Account Manager based in Dallas, Texas. Anyone who knows Richard will tell you that he has a heart of gold. His love for […]

VR Guest Check-In App Keeps Them Coming Back

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The mobile revolution has forever changed the travel and hospitality industry. According to TripAdvisor’s 2016 TripBarometer study, 74 percent of US travelers will not leave home without their mobile devices. Furthermore, mobile travelers typically take 3 or more trips per year, making this segment of travelers a lucrative market to target for your vacation rental […]

How to Make Technology Your Ally

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Technology has shifted the vacation rental industry to a new paradigm. From marketing on the web to online payments, guests can go through an entire stay without any human contact whatsoever from the owner or the owner’s representatives. While that may facilitate management, it may decrease the likelihood that a renter will return. The reason? […]

Insider Tips from 8 Ways to Improve Vacation Rental Listings

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We recently sat down with David Mau, Director of product for vacation rentals at to gain his vacation rental industry insights. In this follow up article, David shares his top tips for vacation rental listings. Here are 8 vacation rental listing tips to attract more guests and drive reservations on 1. Get your properties listed […]

3 Steps to More Effective Time Management

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Have you ever noticed how effective business leaders seem to glide seamlessly through hectic days? While great leadership may look effortless, in reality it is often effective time management that differentiates a great manager from a good one. But “time management” is a cliche phrase. What does it really mean? The most productive vacation rental […]

Kigo on Location: Where to Find Us This Fall

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October is the vacation rental management industry’s prime conference season—but is it truly worth your company’s time and money to attend? The truth is, conferences have morphed into a vacation rental manager’s secret weapon, and those that offer the right opportunities are well worth the investment. You’ll receive fresh ideas, network with peers and can […]

Vacation Rental Software: Is It Time to Trade Up?

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Is it time to implement vacation rental software, or can your management company grow without it? While the vacation rental industry has historically been slow to adopt new technology, the need to do so is more evident now than ever before. Is it time to implement vacation rental management software? If you evaluate your options honestly, […]

Why You Should NOT Use Vacation Rental Software

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Every business is unique, and not every vacation rental property manager needs to utilize all the features offered by vacation rental software. You may question if it’s worth the cost or meets the specific needs of your business. The truth is, such software holds tremendous potential for your property management company, and with Kigo, you can select the products […]

Time and Money? Get Both with Vacation Rental Software

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Kigo Vacation Rental Software for Time and Money

Perhaps you have heard the old saying that you can’t have time and money. The theory behind that saying is that if you have money to spend, you likely do not have the time to spend it because you are working too much. Conversely, if you have time to spend, you likely have not acquired […]