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13 Ways To Transform Your Outdoor Space

Vacation Rental Reviews

Outdoor space is one of the biggest selling points for vacation rentals over other types of accommodation. It appeals to everyone, from families and couples, to business travelers looking to relax in the fresh air. If you’re lucky enough to have outdoor space with any of your properties you may have wondered exactly what you […]

6 Ways to Spot the Hottest New Neighbourhood

Vacation Rental Reviews

Certain neighbourhoods can switch from being seeing as grimey or even dangerous to being the most interesting and appealing locations for residents and tourists. And this change can happen fast. Brooklyn, East London, Portland and countless other cities have all seen huge areas regenerated in a matter of years. Decades of neglect, causing lower than […]

How do Property Reviews Affect a Vacation Rental Brand Image

Vacation Rental Reviews

When vacationers are looking for their desired holiday home, after the images and property description, property reviews are one of the most important things you can present potential guests with. A vacation rental with no reviews can often be considered just as bad as one with negative reviews. Validation by past guests is so important […]

How To Deal With Negative Reviews Of Your Vacation Rental Property

Vacation Rental Reviews

Don’t let negative reviews of your vacation rental property bookings hinder business. Use reviews as a powerful marketing tool instead. You can’t please everyone; even the best of the best businesses receive negative reviews about their properties from time to time. Although negative reviews are unpleasant, there are many ways to effectively respond and transform negative reviews […]

Vacation rental reviews get more bookings

Vacation Rental Reviews
Kigo vacation rental website designs can incorporate selfies

More vacation rental reviews equals more bookings. We all know that. Reading the affirming words of genuine fellow-travelers is always a soothing push towards making a booking. The meteoric success of TripAdvisor is absolute testament to that. Customers love to read about your vacation rental property and see that others have had favorable experiences. But […]