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Kigo Care: The Four Ways We’re Here to Support You, Seven Days a Week

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Our goal at Kigo is to be the friendliest, most helpful, most knowledgeable partners you could have in building your vacation rental business. That’s why we maintain a customer service program called Kigo Care that’s second to none, and we’re standing by to assist you every step of the way during your customer journey– from […]

6 Benefits of Kigo’s Latest Vacation Rental Training Tool

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There are two types of people: those who read the user manual and those who toss it aside. When you purchase a new tool, there’s always the option to jump in and explore it without reading instructions. The challenge? Your impatience may result in limited tool knowledge and missed opportunities. Learn the most effective ways […]

4 Times People Regretted Being a Property Manager

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There is a certain amount of frustration in any job. There are times when you’d like to click the laptop shut and go and live in the woods, construct a shelter from rubbery trees and vines, then dig away from the modern world. We all feel like that at some point. So, to relieve some […]

Revenue Management: Start Now, or Regret Later

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Discovering the true value of your properties.   It’s always a pleasant feeling, having something that feels out of reach suddenly become possible. It makes the world seem that little bit smaller and that little bit more under your control. This is how property managers have been feeling since starting to use Revenue Management to […]

What The Right Reservation System Can Do For Your Business!

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One of the biggest challenges vacation rental business face in their quest to expand is making sure that their reservation system can keep up with the speed of their expansion. Even the addition of just 2 or 3 more properties can overwhelm a homemade system, leading to double bookings, unconfirmed reservations and missed opportunities. Today […]

Self-Service is Empowerment for Today’s Vacation Rental Manager

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Historically, one of the first major industries to embrace self-service was the travel industry. Airlines and hotels have spent hundreds of millions over the last 10 years to allow travelers to check-in using a kiosk. Airlines then moved to online self-service check-in and, fast-forward to today, now they are moving to check-in via smartphones. New […]

Kigo API Update – August 2013

Kigo Product Updates

At Kigo we are always looking for ways to improve our software to help you improve your vacation rental business. So to make it that bit easier to update pricing of a property listed on multiple platforms, we have revised our API connection. For those that aren’t familiar, an API is an easy way of […]

Kigo Vacation Rental Software Update – August 2013

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To help improve your vacation rental business, we’ve been making some of our own improvements here at Kigo HQ. You may have been noticing new functionality as weeks passed; we thought it was about time that we update you on the great features we have been building for you. Without further ado, Kigo are excited […]

New and improved Kigo customer support system

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Great news for all Kigo customers; we have upgraded our Support Center with a new and more efficient ticket system. This means faster response times and a complete overview of your current and past tickets. The old support email address: – is NO longer supported nor monitored. We encourage you to visit our new […]

Kigo Introduces New Pricing

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Kigo is proud to announce new pricing plans for its market-leading vacation rental software. The biggest upside for owners and agencies is that all of our new plans now have a pay-for-performance component. How much you pay is related to how well your properties are renting. This new system aligns Kigo’s incentives with those of […]