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Extend Your Vacation Rental Marketing with Pinterest

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85 percent of Pinterest users are female, a demographic usually credited with making vacation destination decisions for families. Previous articles in the Vacation Rental Social Media Marketing Series featured Instagram and Snapchat. Today, we turn the spotlight on another social media platform you may not have considered, namely, Pinterest. Are you using Pinterest to market […]

Social Media Marketing for Vacation Rentals | Thought Leader Series

Social Media Marketing
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“99% of vacation rental managers fail at the very first hurdle when it comes to social media marketing because they behave anti-socially. That’s the ugly truth. We shout a lot. We tell people about what we have to sell. “Look at me,” “look at my website,” “look at my properties.” Forget that approach.” (VRMA) It’s a digital world and marketing […]

SEO and Social Media Marketing for Vacation Rentals: Tips and Tricks

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Social Media Marketing for Vacation Rental Homes

In a world where your website can make or break your vacation rental home bookings, great SEO practices and social media marketing take center stage. After all, if no one sees your site, your booking chances are basically dead in the water. What Vacation Rental Managers Need to Know about SEO Kigo’s “Choosing Your Ultimate SEO […]

Vacation Rental Management Dilemma: What to Do with a Bad Review

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There are few things that ruffle the feathers of vacation rental management companies more than a really bad review posted on social media. This is perfectly understandable, considering what the potential fallout. In a social media-connected world, a bad online review is amplified exponentially as it reaches a global audience. Never before in history have […]

Dominate Social Media With the Perfect Hashtag

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Until recently, the humble hashtag occupied a mostly unknown purpose in the corner of your keypad, hinting vaguely at international calls and noughts and crosses. That is until it exploded as a Twitter phenomenon. In a moment of organisational genius in August 2007, the use of hashtags to group conversations was suggested and quickly absorbed and […]

Instagram – The Ultimate Vacation Inspiration Destination

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Utilizing the Power Instagram With None Of the Effort When hearing about the latest and greatest network for vacation rental promotion, it can be easy to think, ‘Not another account!’. Taking on another social media account can be a big undertaking for a small business. It is more than just creating the account and uploading […]

Managing a Crisis On Social Media

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Making Guest Complaints Work In Your Favour.   Having open ports of communication with your customers is great. It allows them to double check small things with you, check out your products and properties as well as learn a little more about your business. Social media helps to reassure your customers about your business and move […]

Why You Should Be Using Pinterest Today

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For a small business, staying on top of social media can seem like a full-time job. It means that property managers have to make difficult choices when it comes to which networks to be active on. Taking on a new page can be a lot of work, with a learning curve to navigate, so some […]

Facebook Is Not Dead For Vacation Rentals

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Does it matter if Facebook is too ad-ridden and filled with spam? Are the only people you are reaching just other marketers, scouring the site for content? There are still 1.23 billion people on Facebook but where is the next step? We are reaching critical mass with social media. It’s growth and popularity can surely […]

Your Guide to Good Social Media Communication

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A Brief Introduction to Social Media Social media is one of (if not the) most powerful marketing tools that vacation rental managers can use to do branding. There are currently hundreds of social networking platforms with different functions and purposes via which companies can communicate with large numbers of potential clients, with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ […]