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How To Make a Rental Property Appeal To Travel Bloggers with Archana Ravichander

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Archana Ravichander is the editor at, a popular travel site in India. She strongly believes the company’s philosophy – “Traveling builds tolerance and tolerance builds peace.” We sat down with Archana to get her insights into the travel industry. Here’s what she had to say: To start, what are some of your earliest travel memories, and how […]

Understanding Consumer Behavior With Mark Mayper of Accor

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        Mark Wayper, Marketing and Loyalty Executive at Accor, is an educator turned marketer who is fascinated by the psychology of consumer behavior. We recently checked in with Mark to get his insights how rental owners can use consumer behavior research and other techniques to better market their rental homes. Here’s what he shared: […]

Taking Better Vacation Rental Photos With Suzi Pratt of Intrepid Freelancer

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Suzi Pratt is an internationally published event, concert and architecture photographer based in Seattle. When she isn’t shooting photos, Suzi can be found designing websites and writing for Intrepid Freelancer, her blog aimed at finding freedom in freelancing. We recently asked Suzi about her experience as a travel photographer and got her advice for property managers on […]

How to Keep Your Short-Term Rentals Booked

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Fast and focused: that’s how prospective guests approach the search for short-term rentals. According to TNooz, one out of every two queries in travel results in a purchase, and 33 percent of mobile travel searchers want to complete the transaction within the day. To succeed in the fast-paced short-term rental industry, you need to reach the right guests and […]

Attracting Travelers to Your Vacation Rental With Dave Anderson

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Dave Anderson of Jones Around the World is a full-time travel blogger and festival photographer from Southern California. He’s lived in six different countries, loves learning new languages and has a strange obsession with hummus. We recently asked for Dave’s travel insight and advice for property managers on making their vacation rentals more appealing to long-term travelers […]

Four Old Misconceptions Facing Today’s Travel Marketing Professionals

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These days, the digital marketing executive is as common as the store clerk. Headlines each day range from “10 Ways to Turn Customers into Brand Advocates” to “The 5 Most Effective Ways to Build Your Brand Online.” It’s difficult to sift through the noise, simplify the message and prevent becoming overwhelmed. Before the days of digital […]

Zev Stub of Janglo On Vacation Rental Properties in Israel

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Zev Stub founded Janglo as a free Yahoo Group in 2001, and gradually built it into Israel’s largest online community for English speakers. We recently checked in with Zev to get his insight on traveling to Israel and what vacation property managers need to know to make their rentals more appealing to visitors. Here’s what he shared: […]