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5 Steps to Create a Winning Youtube Channel

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Getting Exposure for Your Properties on Youtube YouTube can often be overlooked as a valuable social media channel for vacation rentals. Usually, it isn’t perceived to have the same customer-reaching, social element as Facebook or Twitter. Many property managers simply use it to create videos that they will distribute on their other networks. However, creating […]

The Secret of Writing Great Vacation Rental Copy

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Creating great Vacation Rental Copy

It’s always easier to articulate what makes bad vacation rental copy. Spotting a description that will never secure a booking is simple. They stand out because of their mistakes, lack of connection and just the way they fail to make you interested in finding out more about the property. For these reason, we’re going to […]

#KigoLive – A Year in Events

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event blog

We want to hear from you. Meeting our clients is at the core of our business. We need to stay up to date with the needs of a vacation rental manager as they develop. In order to meet our customers and industry experts, we attended as many vacation rental and travel events as we can. […]

Are Keyless Entry Systems the Future?

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keyless systems

Or a Bad Idea For Vacation Rentals? Not having keys to your property has one obvious advantage. Your guests can arrive at any time, and enter your property without you ever having to be there. Untimely flights, delayed transfers are not a problem. You can simply text your guests your code and allow them to […]

Kigo Case Studies: Sunwise Bonaire Rentals

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Sunwise 1

In this blog post, we wanted to see the story behind a successful vacation rental business. We wanted to know exactly how our managers take an idea or a concept and use Kigo to help make it a reality. To do this, we spoke with Ron and Debby, the owners and managers of Sunwise Bonaire […]