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Time and Money? Get Both with Vacation Rental Software

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Perhaps you have heard the old saying that you can’t have time and money. The theory behind that saying is that if you have money to spend, you likely do not have the time to spend it because you are working too much. Conversely, if you have time to spend, you likely have not acquired […]

Vacation Rental Marketing Blog Tips: Never Do This!

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Kigo’s Vacation Rental Marketing Blog has covered a variety of tips to help you handle your own blog. For instance, you may remember 2013’s “Top Blogging Tips for Vacation Rental Managers” and “SEO Tips: 10 Blog Content Ideas for Vacation Rental Agencies”, or the more recent 2016’s “Best Advice for Vacation Rental Marketing Blog: Tell […]

Putting the “You” in Vacation Rental Marketing

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Vacation Rental Marketing Tips Copywriting How to write better ads listings

Kigo’s “Best Advice for Vacation Rental Marketing Blog – Tell a Story” notes: “Your blog is the place where you can convey your personality most clearly to your guests and make a real connection with them on a personal level.” Use your blog to include your guests in the story of your property. Copywriting for […]

Vacation Rental Website Tips: How to Improve Conversion Rates

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Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half. When John Wanamaker  spoke those words in the 1800s, he couldn’t even imagine the Internet. But 150 years later it still holds true. When it comes to vacation rental marketing, attracting potential guests is only half the battle. […]

Holiday Rental Update: Vacation Rental Website News

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Vacation Rental Website News

As a vacation rental manager, you may find it hard to keep up with the ever-changing world of channel partners. Kigo’s channel management solution enables vacation rental property managers to easily coordinate with multiple channel partners, even in the face of constant change and consolidation within the vacation rental industry. The news is in: The […]

Property Manager’s Guide to Vacation Rental Listing Sites

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Kigo Channel Management Software

For many VR managers, the use of vacation rental listing sites is essential to marketing success. It is a matter, to some degree, of going where the money is. Kigo’s channel management software integrates seamlessly with multiple listing sites. Kigo’s “Vacation Rental Investment Fuels Need for Channel Management Software” states: “According to VRMintel ‘s report […]

Get It Right Every Time – Vacation Rental Marketing

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Kigo Vacation Rental Marketing to Millennials

At its essence, marketing is about having the right product, targeted to the right market, at the right time, for the right price. If you can nail these four components, you have your vacation rental marketing down to a science. The Right Product Every vacation rental property has a story. Maybe your vacation rental home […]

How to Target Millennials with Vacation Rental Marketing

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Vacation Rental Marketing to Millennials

The age of the millennial traveler has arrived. Kigo’s “Understanding the Millennial Traveler” notes: “Millennials are now the biggest demographic in the world. They have overtaken Baby Boomers as the largest section of the population.” Are you appealing to the growing number of millennial travelers? What does this mean for your vacation rental marketing strategy? […]

How to List Corporate Apartments on with Kigo Channel Manager Software

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Business or Pleasure? How to Market Vacation Rental Homes to Business Travelers Business travelers are looking to reap the benefits of booking rental properties that offer more amenities and a more home-like atmosphere than hotels. Business people represent a largely untapped market of potential renters. The business travel sector is evolving. The Telegraph’s “Business Joins […]